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5 Unavoidable Aspects For All Android App Testing Services

October 4th, 2016
5 Unavoidable Aspects For All Android App Testing Services

So, you have developed your brilliant idea into a fantastic app. Now, you are sending it to an android app testing services firm for ensuring your app quality. But for that to happen in the best way, there are a few aspects that are unavoidable. Let’s see what they are.

1: Know your customers

The foremost aspect in building a good brand in the mobile app world is user expectations.

The fact is that mobile users expect much more from mobile devices and mobile apps than from other devices such as the desktop.

Hence, knowing your clients become of paramount importance.

Just collect information of your clients regarding their:

  1. age

  2. gender

  3. monthly income

  4. mobile usage habits

  5. geographical location

These information will help you get usage patterns helping your efforts in mobile testing. Such data allows you to find out the specific devices your audience engage with, allowing you to downsize the number of devices for testing, on account of its usbility to the customers as well.

Special efforts should be taken by way of interviewing customers, conduct market research, etc to collect such data.

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2: Create device groups

The mobile app testers can create mobile device groups aiding to downsize testing efforts.

3: Don’t skimp on standard test methods

As an experienced professional, you might be familiar with the technological meanings and implications of the words like boundary values, different coverage types,equivalence classes, and acceptance criteria. All these also applies to mobile testing as well.

4: Test on various data networks

Testing in various types of data networks also forms as one of the most important aspect while testing mobile apps.

Your app, when connected to the Internet, would encounter different data networks as well.

Performance of your app when connected to fast data network technologies such as 3G, LTE, and even your home or office Wi-Fi would differ from slower networks like EDGE and GPRS for that matter.

You should ensure that as a Mobile app tester, your app works with different network speeds, handling network transitions such as from LTE to EDGE.

app testing

5: Test in different languages

If your mobile app is used in different countries, the app will need to support different languages. In this situation, you should test the app against the various languages it supports.

You should remember that testing the language assumes importance as every language has different sizes and characters.

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You should also test the product against all major hardware features as mobile devices have powerful hardware and sensors interacting with users and their environment such as:

  • Proximity sensors

  • Acceleration sensors

  • Gyroscope sensors

  • Magnetic sensors

  • Ambient light sensors

  • Location sensors

  • Touchless sensors

The mobile app should be tested against different hardware features such as display, camera, storage, microphone, etc of various devices.

You must note that these features will have a huge impact to the mobile app in the context of mobile app taking a picture, processing it, and upload it to a server.

It should also be borne in mind that before submitting a mobile app to an app store, you should test it’s installation and update processes.

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