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Unravel the full potential of your software!

Load test will reveal the true nature of your software under extreme load condition and in normal condition.

Server and API response

Load testing will reveal the time taken by your software between request and response time when there is high traffic.

Network Condition

By simulating various network conditions know about the response of your software in accordance with internet strength.

Multiple Server Response

Test how all the servers of your software placed in various locations around the globe reacts to various load conditions.

User Load

It is essential that your software should be able to handle multiple users at a time. Load test is the key to find out that.

Hardware Issues

Limitation on number of threads or file description configured to the system can be found out.

Will your software survive in real life load conditions? Find out now!

Why do we recommend load testing?

  • Reduces the risk of system failure considerably
  • Improve scalability
  • SDLC benchmark can be created for the entire development process
  • Finding the source of your software’s weakness
  • It can be done to find out the capabilities of different systems or a single system
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Our cloud based Load Testing

Looking for cloud based Load testing? We can help you with that too. Our cloud based load testing services will ensure that your software pass the developmental life cycle as quickly as possible.

Advantages of our cloud testing services are,
  • Scalability
  • Pay per use
  • Cost-effective packages
  • Skilled staff and top-notch infrastructure
  • Load Curve measurements
  • software load issues
  • Server configuration issues
  • Despite size execution time is less compared to manual testing

However, there has always been concern regarding cloud testing owing to numerous security flaws, fluctuating standards, data accessibility, inconsistent cloud severs, unavailability of skilled workers etc.

But not to worry! Our choice of operation when it comes to load testing is as effective as possible. Be it the equipment or the skilled workers is of excellent quality and will carry out the entire process with utmost care and accuracy.

Tools we rely on load testing

The Process

  • After the initial conversation has been done. The product will be broken down to bits for analysis.
  • Detailed analysis of what we found and how we plan to test it will be briefed to the client
  • A defect report will be send to the client which detail about the issues, its severity and location.
  • Evaluation and implementation of load activities will be the next step
  • For continuous improvement each test will have a dedicated SME
  • The process will be carried out at regular intervals or the point where the client ask us to do test, in accordance with the subscription.

Performance Test Workflow

Requirement Analysis/Gathering

All the required information will be gathered in this section

POC/Tool selection

Apt tool will be selected and will be tested under certain scenarios to make sure that it will satisfy the criteria

Performance Test Plan & Design

Test Planning involves information regarding how the performance test is going to take place

Performance Test Development

Use Cases are created and signed off from client and there after scripts are created which are validates against different users along with test environment creation.

Performance Test Modeling

This step will ensure that the performance metrics provided by the clients are achieved or not.

Test Execution

Once the test scenario is designed test execution will happen incrementally

Test Results Analysis

Analysis of test results with the expected results will happen in this phase. ROI (Return on Investment) and test efficiency can also be evaluated.


Simplified version of the result will be passed over to the development team along with result comparison.

Highlights of testbytes services

  • Years of experience in the software testing industry
  • Our testing engineers have got the exposure to all kinds of situations in the testing scenario
  • We will make sure that the latest and greatest technology is being put to use in testing
  • The testing team we have is highly proficient
  • We offer Competitive pricing

Performance Test Strategy

Strategy for performance testing will be devised after the requirement analysis

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Performance Test Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

Performance Test Plan

Plan is created in the later stage of the project, after the project design phase to be precise

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Design
  • Performance Test Plan
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

For more details... Contact us to know more on a balanced testing process in accordance with degree of functional importance!




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