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Continuous Integration Testing

Continuous Integration Testing

Continuous integration testing is a practice that is carried out to integrate code into a shared repository regularly to analyse and locate errors more quickly. Testbytes seamlessly integrate continuous integration testing to obtain a continuous delivery process of projects.


Benefits of Continuous Integration Testing

  • Tests your code against the current state of your code base to spot any integration challenges if any
  • Increase code coverage of your test
  • Detect error at an early stage
  • Deploy your code for production
  • With use of CI, bug accumulation can be reduced
  • Cost effective and increase transparency

Why Testbytes?

Testbytes is a software digital company who aims at helping enterprises get the right digital solutions for their organization by using the right technology, tools, frameworks incorporated with our in-depth experience. Our company follows a proven framework to guide through the entire project with step-by-step planning, development, testing and continuous improvement.

For Continuous integration(CI) we use Jenkins, which is an open-source CI tool written in Java and this allows the code to build, deploy and test automatically. Installation of this tool is much easier and its main function is to execute certain predefined steps like performing a software build, execute a shell script, archive a build result, running software tests etc.

Since 2013, we have been solely focusing on quality assurance and are trying to work with our clients worldwide, placing experts and delivering excellence in quality strategies, automated testing, manual testing and other related services.

Highlights of testbytes services:

  • Strategic consulting and business process
  • Identify errors early in the life cycle and create consistent and reliable builds accordingly
  • Implementation of automated tools and advanced technologies
  • Highly experienced technical expertise to solve your business needs
  • Cost-effective, fast, flexible and on-time project delivery

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