Unbeatable content, what about the user experience of the medium?

Find out through E-learning app testing

Advantages of our E-learning software testing service

Why testing your Elearning app/websites is important?

Providing content to thousands of users across the globe/nation without any hindrance is the USP of any E-learning service providing business. Since thousands of users are accessing the web-based software/application it has to be in exemplary condition in terms of access, speed, functionality and security.

Testing an E-learning app from the development stage itself will make sure that the product is defect-free and can result in reduced risk since a huge amount of money as well as manpower is poured to make software like these.

Last but not least, people have to like the app, they must feel it easy to navigate and access all the content that’s available on the platform. So user experience has of utmost importance to assure the success of any E-learning platform.

Our strategy in E-learning app testing

  • Extensive testing of audio, visual, text and functionalities of the game
  • Well-developed QA checklist for detailed testing
  • Compatibility testing to ensures maximum coverage
  • State-of-the-art resources for automation of tests
  • Concurrent testing at the right intervals
  • Compliance testing to ensure that the software has met standards and complies regulations

Why compliance testing is important for E-learning app testing?

There are certain standards devised to make the communication and seamless working between LMS (Learning Management System) and the user easier. So it’s a must that any E-learning system in existence should comply with these protocols to offer a better experience to the users.

Before we leap into testing you have to have an idea about such protocols.

AICC (Aviation Industry Computer based training Committee)

Designed for LAN based and CD-ROM based training meant for highly secure HTTPS data transferring. AICC also helps the content to be hosted on a separate server

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)

This model is basically used to define communication between client-side content and LMS. SCORM models help in making the content user- friendly. SCORM model is also good for migration.


An open-source model developed for mobile-friendly app despite the device. Storing and retrieving data when relied on this model is a piece of cake and its non-dependant on the LMS.

It doesn’t matter which standard your app follow or comply. It has to meet the specification defined in the model and for that testing is a must as it serves as a validation technique also.

Our mantra for effective and swift testing

Our focus point in testing an E-learning system

  • Better navigation
  • No language and grammatical errors
  • Payment module integration
  • Enrolment
  • Advanced search
  • Access any content at any time
  • Data security
  • Grading and reward options
  • Updation of course
  • Add content and course
  • Conduct quick quiz
  • Test analysis
  • Grading and analysis
  • Data analytics
  • Retrieve and store student data
  • Schedule and monitor online classes
  • Create and monitor forums
  • Exceptional UX
  • Access of content despite varied internet strength
  • Availability of system at any point of time
  • Expense to maintain the system
  • Whether the value factor is there in the website for user to come back
  • Standard compliance


We are a software testing company with many years of experience and has the technical expertise to carry out quality assurance of any complex software

Our CEO & Business Head are the decision makers for most of transactions.

We have the most modern equipment’s and software system to carry out any form of testing with impeccable efficiency and reliability.

We have the most modern equipment’s and software system to carry out any form of testing with impeccable efficiency and reliability.

Our response time for mails & calls is less than 12 hrs

Our team that comprises of more than 30 tester’s both in-house and remote testers. Our SMEs, our content management team and the way we handle our deadlines with no compromise in quality.

ASAP, once the initial discussion, requirement gathering and payment related formalities has been carried we will directly commence testing

Regular communication by skype, slack , JIRA and above all clients will be provided

If you are close enough to have in-person meetings occasionally, this is definitely a plus. Otherwise, can you hold meetings over the phone or video conference?

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