Usability Testing

Whether it is your website or web application, our team of gifted testers at Testbytes make sure you get the finely polished product. Our tests focus on measuring the product’s capability to meet the purpose it is designed for. Our independent usability testing services provide you a real input on how the users are benefited by your product. Instead of just gathering information or opinions about a particular product, usability testing helps testers to learn how a user copes with a given product in a specific environment.

Methods of Usability Testing Used by Testbytes

Usability testing can be done in several ways and it involves the participation of a handful of users who are equipped with the product to be tested. An adequate scenario is created to match the design specifications of the product and the performance of the product is evaluated based on the user reviews. The most prominent ones are:

Remote Usability Testing

It is primarily used in situations where the usability evaluators, developers and test users are from different time zones. This renders the traditional lab testing methodologies useless and costly. This method utilizes the capabilities of video conferencing or remote application sharing tools.

Since testing is done in the user environment, simulation of real-life testing scenarios is made possible. This helps companies better understand the motivation behind a user visiting particular website or mobile site. This form of testing also helps get user feedback which further can be used of improving the product.

A/B testing

A/B testing or split testing is an experimental approach to web design used in web development and marketing, which identifies changes to web pages that increases or maximizes outcomes of interest (e.g. Click-through rates). In this method two versions (A and B) are compared, which are identical except for one variation that might have an effect on the user’s behaviour.

One of the versions is the currently used one and the other is the modified version. Which version is to be used depends on the user’s involvement. Similar to A/B testing is Multivariate testing or bucket testing. The difference is that the tests are done on more than two versions at the same time.

Website Usability Testing

Website usability testing is used to get rid of loopholes present in your website. Testbytes use website analytics tactics and provide you weekly report about our testing progress. For increasing conversion rate of your website, we will implement strategies based on the analysis done on your website. Some of the advantages of website usability testing include getting valuable consumer insights, getting current trends across various marketing channels, finding loopholes of webpages, defining online strategy upon requirement, formulating sales and online marketing campaign. It is very important to check performance of your website with end user experience.

Mobile Usability Testing

Testing the usability your mobile website or app is necessary if you do not want your users to get frustrated, lost, or confusing in using your mobile site/app. When creating a test scenario, choose “live website” or “mobile app” and then select the type of device in which you want test your site/app. Testbytes team detects and shows interactions like taps and swipes overlaid on your video results, so you can see exactly how users are interacting with your mobile site or app – without intrusive external devices.

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At Testbytes, we have a team of ISTQB-certified test engineers and QA analysts who can take over your testing requirements. They are highly skilled as well, making them ideal to get your mobile site or app tested. Testbytes usability testing services company is located at 940 Haley Talbert Dr, Corona, CA 92881, USA. You can look into to our wide range of software testing solutions and also request a FREE QUOTE from us.


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