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Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is the process, performed to access the security vulnerabilities in networks or host systems like computers, mobile apps etc. Testbytes, one of the top software development firm can definetly help you protect the organizations entire services from vulnerabilities through methods like identification, prioritization and re-mediation.


Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning

  • Early detection and handling of known security defects
  • Identify a newly added rogue system which might endanger the overall system or the network security
  • Saves time and money
  • Improve security of the whole systems
  • Identify mis-configurations

Why Testbytes?

With software protection operations in several countries around the globe, Testbytes has a unique perspective on cyber crime and we are well advanced to meet all the necessary needs. With around 100+ testing experts, we constantly keep learning, predicting and practising new techniques with updated data security informations that help us to deliver actionable and prioritized services for our clients.

Testbytes focus on success and we believe that every business should protect themselves and the customers who trust on them from unauthorized threats and cyber criminals. So, our company mainly aims at protecting you in a posture that is well suited for the growth of the organization.

We use technical expertise and tailored methodology to provide the complete picture about the vulnerability that our clients face or our likely to face in future and we also help you in understanding how these risks can impact your assets, reputation, services and above all the trust of your customers.

Highlights of testbytes services:

  • Robust scan methods to identify and track all new types of threat and risks
  • Detailed reporting and provide apt re-mediation steps
  • Support internal and external security mandates
  • Identify successful breaches and unsuccessful risks in patched devices or network
  • Help to keep track of criticality, sensitivity, and regulated status of assets

Want to know more? Get a better understanding about your current threat landscape through Testbytes!




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