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How To

Exclusive tutorials that will help you learn how to perform various testing related activities

Visit our Expert Insights page

Expert insights - A public knowledge sharing platform just for testers!

QA is changing frequently. The processes, techniques, tools, everything! To be a successful tester and run the process efficiently you need to have effective strategies and insight. This is the space where we kick in, Our Expert insight space is an expert opinion arena where QA experts share their experience and knowledge they gained over time. We have made this platform in an open concept. If you wish to share your valuable knowledge you can also be part. Just send us the details and we will get back to you.

Software Testing Career

We wholeheartedly wish all those talented software testers to have a fruitful career. Apart from joining us you can also read tips that can get hold of that dream job you have been hoping for

App Testing Companies

Are you In search of a credible company to outsource testing of your software?

Guides and Tutorials

Detailed explanation of testing process involved in testing software/apps

Software testing events that you might be interested in

QA events are fun and informative. As a software tester, you get to meet a lot of testers, acquire their knowledge that can be used to eradicate any problems that you might face while testing and have a glimpse at the latest idea, methodology, practices, and tools used for software testing. Also, you get to have loads of fun and meet interesting people.

Go to our events page and find out of any major testing events that you wish to be a part of or events that are happening around your locality.

Software testing

Best Practices

Best practices and guidelines that needs to be followed to make sure that QA runs properly complying with international standards
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