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Expert Insights

Mukta Sharma

"To achieve 100% automation is a pure myth. You will need some % of (manual) testing along with automation in order to deliver a successful project."

QA Automation Test Engineer Mukta Sharma on the feasibility of adopting automation in software testing

5 mins read

Parveenbanu Abdulhameed

"Risk Analysis is a big thing and it should start from the requirement phase itself to avoid the late changes in requirements of projects"

Senior test engineer Parveenbanu Abdulhameed is sharing some of the valuable insights she gained in her glorious career as a senior test engineer

5 mins read

Sanjay Varghese

"we need to understand that everything cannot be automated and we have to gauge which Test Cases can be automated."

Sanjay Varghese, renowned software tester Expressing his views on QA

5 mins read

Ashish Shadwani

"Human involvement will never fade away because automating everything is not feasible"

An exclusive interview with renowned test automation consultant Ashish Shadwani.

5 mins read

Sachin Randive

"If you fail to safe guard user data, there is a high chance that it can be stolen or manipulated"

Read the exclusive interview of Sachin Randive a famous QA lead who have been the part of software testing industry for a long time.

5 mins read