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Is your software safe from cyber attacks & data loss/leakage?

Find out with information security testing

  • Reduce security risks
  • Improve data security
  • Reduce network downtime costs
  • Win trust of your customers
  • Experience improved quality
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Our top quality application testing services will help you

  • Run security checks for mobile and web applications, APIs, cloud and desktop applications
  • Know if your data remains encrypted and protected under any circumstances
  • Add security layers for your application keeping functionality in-tact
  • Get a detailed report of all the security loopholes in your software
  • Check whether your software comply to regulations and standards
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Prevent Breaches, Recovery is expensive

Information security testing is crucial as any type of attack can become deadly for your company through data loss or leakage, privacy breach etc. The integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of your company can end up getting questioned by users.

Our security testers are skilled, experienced and is professionally certified to carry out any form of security testing. With the help of ethical hackers, we trace out all the vulnerabilities in your system so that your developers can seal them and make your software hackproof.

Information Security Testing Services We Offer

At Testbytes, we provide comprehensive information security testing services designed to find all the bugs that’s affecting or going to affect your software. These are listed below

  • Standards based security testing (OWASP top 10, SANS Top 25, OSSTM, NIST 800-15 etc.)
  • Threat modelling
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Network testing
  • Authentication testing
  • Authorisation testing
  • Web services testing
  • Data validation testing
  • Denial of service testing
  • Ajax Testing
  • Session management testing
  • Configuration testing
  • Code review
  • Compliance testing
  • Security consultation
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Some cyber threats we can help prevent

  • Phishing attacks
  • Ransomware attack
  • Drive-by attack
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • DDoS attack
  • Password attack
  • Network interception
  • Birthday attack
  • Brute-force attack
  • MITM attacks
  • Iot attack

Our Security Testing Process

  • Discovery and documentation

    Once we get hold of the software, we do a thorough study to understand to understand user profiles, functionality, workflow and coding.

  • Scanning

    combination of automated testing and manual testing will be performed to trace out the all the issues. Those security issues missed by automation testing will not escape after manual testing

  • Profiling

    core security mechanism in the application, user entry points will be found out along with flow of the data

  • Vulnerability exploitation

    Combinatorial testing mentioned above will be used to find all the vulnerabilities of the software

  • Reporting

    All the traced out issues will be reported in detail and will be send to clients

When and how

often you should perform security testing?

Remember! They are waiting for an opportunity. Do not give it to them. The loss can be devastating.Performing security testing on constant intervals will reveal how strong your software is. However, there are certain times when testing has to be mandatory which includes,

  • Before deployment of software
  • New network is added to the main system/ or the main network is integrated to the central system
  • Security patches are added to the program
  • End user policy addition or updation
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Our Approach

What makes us different than other Penetration/security testing companies?

  • Holistic approach
  • Better protection for your business information
  • Dedicated team at your service including testers/architects and analysts
  • Hire any number of testers based on your requirement
  • Expertise in major technologies and good knowledge about regulatory compliance
  • Elaborate reporting
  • Risk analysis will be performed and mitigation methodologies will be devised
  • Possession of wide range of open-source and licensed tools for wide range of security testing
  • Our testers are armed with the necessary professional certifications

Industries we have served

Banking and Finance

Ecommerce and Rental

Education and Elearning

Government/Semi Government



IT and Consulting


Media and Enterainment

News and Publication



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