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Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing/Build Verification Testing checks whether a system works properly in the initial stage and only after this, testers continue with other functions through the process of functional testing. Testbytes is a leading testing service provider that assure complete initial stage analysis of a software system.


Benefits of Smoke Testing

  • Find issues while the integration of the system modules
  • Detect issues at the early stage of the software development
  • Faster trouble shooting of new and regression test bugs
  • Saves time and effort as issues are detected early
  • Reduces integration as end-to-end software testing process is done
  • Improves quality and ensures major functionalities are working

Why Testbytes?

As one of the experienced software testing companies, we help you in quality assurance programs for systems and check whether the deployed build is stable by adapting a professional level by finding your bottlenecks and correcting the defects.

Our testing experts with years of experience firstly defines a strategy that runs parallel to the business requirements of our clients. We offer 24/7 monitoring services and assist throughout the software development lifecycle.

We perform smoke testing usually in both manual and automated methods according to the client preferences. During the process, our team records all manual steps during the software build and once the build is deployed, the test is passed and proceeded for functional testing.

Highlights of testbytes services:

  • End to end testing solutions and independent software testing
  • Understand, identify and verify test requirements
  • Create test traceability matrix
  • Track and monitor test defects at a very early stage
  • Find defects of the app functionality

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