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Scalability Testing

Scalability Testing

Software testing is not only done to find defects but also for checking the working of the entire system. In the case of scalability testing, system behaviour is checked by increasing the load by a particular scaling ratio. Testbytes is a dedicated software testing company, specializing in minimizing the risks, extending strategic advantage and increasing productivity.


Benefits of Scalability Testing

  • To determine your application scale with higher system loads
  • To check the user limit for a web application
  • To determine end user experience
  • To check server side robustness and degradation
  • Identify the point at which the app stops scaling and also find the reason behind it

Why Testbytes?

Testbytes provides the best software solutions for improving scalability testing procedures. We focus on an approach that reduces the scalability issues and ensuring a seamless user experience with a defined methodology and in-house testing tools.

We determine system behaviour by increasing the load with a particular scaling ratio before reaching the stress point and at every scaling point, the performance attributes are determined. To perform all this, we have a dedicated testing department who is specialized in reducing risks thus, increasing productivity and providing strategic benefits to our global clients.

Our company offers, scalable and secure engagement models that comprises of a requirement phase, planning, environmental set-up, test framework creation, execution and final project completion. Our value proposition of offering the best testing services with low risk factors has enabled us to be a long term test partner to many of our clients across different countries.

Highlights of testbytes services:

  • Reduce the cost of software testing
  • Reduce the overall risk and time to test the software
  • Increase the overall efficiency & productivity
  • Increase scalability of resources

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