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Security Auditing

Security Auditing

Security auditing is a powerful technique used to maintain security features like regulatory compliance, forensic analysis, trouble shooting, user analysis etc. of an organization. As a global provider, Testbytes helps in safeguarding, digitally managed assets by continuous access, monitoring, re-mediations and security options.


Benefits of Security Auditing

  • Helps to determine all services that are running and turn off the unnecessary services to reduce risk
  • Identify open ports on different devices and close the unnecessary ports
  • Examine existing security protocols and determine ways to improve security policies
  • Servers will be properly provisioned
  • Employee workstations will be secured with up to date encryption, back-ups and anti-virus
  • Networks hardware will be regularly evaluated and configured

Why Testbytes?

As one of the top regional security auditing firm, Testbytes work with clients collaboratively to help you understand the risks at your organization and how effectively you can address them. Our audit management team includes security experts, audit experts, network specialists, programmers, business analysts and team leaders who has years of experience and relevant certifications in system security.

We are highly skilled in technology, information security and are well dedicated in making security and compliance as seamless and efficient as possible delivering unprecedented service and support for our clients.

Testbytes work with services related to audit of cyber security, penetration testing, website security testing, mobile security audits to identify vulnerabilities related apps, servers, databases, firewalls, and internal server configurations.

Highlights of testbytes services:

  • Privacy, cyber security and risk assessments
  • Proven IT audit processes and methodology
  • Eliminate down-time and provide operational cost savings
  • Security against real-world hacking attempts
  • Testing is performed by professional and talented experts
  • Maximum operational efficiencies

For more details, contact Testbytes, we will help you to choose the best audit practice for you enterprise...




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