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Why Automation Testing is considered as a boon when it comes to software testing?

Testing, without a doubt has now become a bottle neck when it comes to production process of software application. Since it requires time, patience, man power and money, companies often skip multiple testing procedures in a hurry to get their product in the market.

Result is obvious. User will discard the app and the company have to face loss and their reputation will be tarnished.

So what can probably be the only one remedy to this problematic situation that’s persists?


Automating the QA (Quality Analysis) process will make sure that the software has been tested enough and that too multiple times at any juncture of the development and modification.

Benefits of automation testing

  • Faster feedback and validation of various phases of the software project
  • Testing is carried out quickly and deliver faster results with lesser effort and time
  • Improvement of overall efficiency of the project and execute more test coverages
  • Set-up and configuration is easier
  • Automated test cases can be re-used
  • Helps in creating, manipulating and protecting your test database

Services we offer in Automation Testing

As a renowned Web and mobile testing Automation Company our automation services are extended to,

Web Functional Testing

Repeatedly tests your web app with various inputs and data, preparing various testcases comparing that to the expected results.

Web Performance Testing

Web performance testing will make sure that your app is perfect when it comes to scalability and performance.

Mobile Automation Testing

Our custom made and latest automation tools will make sure that your app is robust before its deployment in any kind of app store.

Continuous Integration testing

Integration testing helps in laying foundation for other testing processes.

Options are plenty. Why Testbytes then?

  • Our expertise effectively focus on their mission objectives
  • We assure high quality, best standards and moreover a trustworthy partnership
  • Mainly focus on performance parameters to identify potential limits
  • The developers and testing engineers that will be assigned to all of our projects will be of impeccable experience and skilled to the respective section
  • All the hardware and software we use are up-to-date and will be the best in the market.
  • Cost effective load testing approach
  • Use of open source tools guarantees performance monitoring, better compatibility and database server profiling
  • Bugs are detected at early stage ensuring greater productivity, and end-user trust on client products

Tools we rely on when it comes to Automation Testing:


This highly customizable tool can directly run on browsers like, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Internet explorer and Opera.


Used for testing native, hybrid and mobile and mobile web app. The most salient feature of Appium is that it does not require SDK and recompilation while testing.

Apache Jmeter

Another impeccable open source tool, 100% pure java application that’s mainly put to use for load test functional behaviour and measure performance both on static and dynamic resources.

Bring automation to testing and speed up the process

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