With a unique OS and brilliant features, Apple’s flagship smartphone products have always been everyone’s favourite since they were first introduced in 2007. Every app that is being made for the iPhone has to be proved as useful and should be approved by Apple before it reaches the customers. That means the apps should be of high quality, devoid of any errors. Testing is the best way to ensure that the iPhone apps do not get too low in terms of quality.

If you are looking for an established iPhone app testing services company, then you can approach Testbytes as we got the right experts that are ISTQB-certified and have gained considerable experience in testing different kinds of iPhone applications.

Why iPhone App Testing is Important?

  • The testing matrix of Apple is simpler compared to Android. But still you have to make sure that the iPhone apps are compatible with the various versions of iOS and the wide range of Apple-designed processors.
  • Fragmentation is an issue faced by iOS though it’s not as severe as in Android phones; therefore, it has to definitely undergo testing.
  • Every app that has been developed must get Apple’s approval before reaching the iTunes market. Every customer demands privacy and security in the apps they use and Apple approves only such apps.

Want to get your iPhone apps tested?

Apple has set limits on the number of unique devices (and other UDIDs associated with it), which the developers find a huge hurdle while testing with outside resources. Every developer would wish for a team that get rid of all hassles regarding UDIDs. You can trust Testbytes team exactly for that reason. Our team of professionals have the ability to work their way into helping the apps into the markets without any delay. Here are the reasons (in brief) why you need an iPhone app testing services company like Testbytes for handling your iPhone app testing tasks.

  • All your iPhone apps are tested by our independent team of test engineers.
  • We test your apps across all iPhone versions and iOS versions.
  • You can track our progress along the way and will notify you when results are ready.
  • There will be no overhead as our team goes through every app screen and functionality without the need for you to provide any documentation or test cases.

Testbytes ensures that your iOS mobile app testing requirements are met within minimum turnaround. We are located at 65 Broadway, Suite 1101, New York, NY 10006. Also, you can look into to our wide range of independent software testing services and can request for a FREE QUOTE.