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Milestones, they are always dear to us!

Listed here are some of the biggest and significant QA work that we have been a part of.

About the project

Greenomarket is a Traditional Chinese eCommerce website with iterative design and product feature focusing on Chinese market and globe. We covered Functionality, usability, UI, Regression testing for this website with maximum browser coverage.

We did complete end to end manual testing with 2 cycles and shared reports. Only Web testing was done on different browsers

About the project

This particular App is a vast platform to find matching tutors and institutes in couple of minutes.

We tested this App on various mobile devices for compatibility & usability for both Android , iOS.

About the project

Queskr is a new Social Q & A Network with the vision to connect individuals, communities and brands by providing the means to efficiently ask questions and understand the answers.

We tested Web on different browsers, we also tested app on both android , iOS devices for compatibility & usability. Github was used as tool for reporting & management. Slack for communication

About the project

Involve connects corporate clients with relevant nonprofit organizations, allowing them to better craft social responsibility strategies and more efficiently engage employees. Offering employees a unique solution that can engage them up to 7.5% more. The platform pairs employees with fun, hyper-personalized opportunities based on causes and skills of interest. Leverage this momentum to increase your company’s productivity up to 13%.

We tested this web platform from development phase to deployment in continous ongoing sprints till live.

About the project

Keepity is an Ecommerce website with 2 different Business user and Consumer user. It will allow the business to create their deals for consumers to get benefit out of it and attract the consumer to buy their items. Business can also create an email list of consumers so that they can send email notifications to the consumer timely about their offers.

This was Saas Based application we tested during continous developement process.

About the project

The platforms are designed to always provide you with the Best-You-Name-It. . On the DOT platforms your opinion matters. Whether you build a new platform, or contribute to an already existing one, you can create new communities, invite and discover likeminded people, share your knowledge and web content and vote what information is relevant and what is noise. On your platform users can share, curate and rank information whether these are websites, articles or videos. Others users can upvote and downvote information per topic such that you quickly see what's worth your time.

This application was tested on 20+ real mobile devices with respect to UI/UX, compatibility & Usability for both android , iOS.

About the project

A direct exchange app for lenders and borrowers who operate as equal and can offer their own loan terms. Aurora helps in transferring money transparently between the parties without any middle men.

This web application was tested with more than 100+ borrower- Investors scenarios on web platform . The testing was done full time for 1 year of tenure.

About the project

  • The purpose behind developing this portal is to carry the process of searching to offering the jobs for candidates.
  • Staffion is like Human Resource Management kind of project. Basically, it was importance functional point of view . This is the process which shows how candidates apply for job to how he get offer.
  • This portal is bit similar as
  • There are around 17 roles created in this system to perform various activities.
  • Each role has assigned different activities like searching the candidates resume, parsing the resume, selecting matched resume for current requirement.
  • In this system we can perform uploading multiple resumes in bulk.
  • This is very useful application to keep track of candidate's current status.
  • Super admin has whole control over the application.

A complete workforce management system that can be used by people ranging from CEO to the trainee.

Modules of the software system includes
  • Punch-in details
  • Leave and Notifications
  • Employee data management
  • Attendance marking
  • Salary and payment module and many more

From the development stage system continuous testing process was adopted to make sure that a stable app is the end product.

Vehicle Tracking transport manager app has been designed with the aim of helping school bus fleet managers while on-the-go This school bus app provides the school bus fleet manager with the ability to communicate and monitor his/her whole fleet.

Security testing, functionality testing, compatibility testing was performed on the app to trace out errors.

About the project

Softbreaks is cutting-edge job search portal, feature rich and one of its kind.

Other features of the platform include
  • Hassle -free job search
  • Job alerts on mobile without sign -in
  • Jobs sourced from top job websites
  • Search for jobs under different industries (more would be added in coming updates) such as Mobile Application, Web Application, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Application, E-commerce Application, Testing, etc.

We performed end-to-end continuous testing of the web app from the development stage itself.

About the project

This application is all about types of foods with well categorized Recipe. In this application there are around 10 Roles and each user has different capabilities. Such as Super admin, Admin, Editor, Super Editor, Subscriber etc.

In this application we have performed compatibility testing, UI, Functional and Security testing.

About the project

Loopheath is platform to make it easy for patients to get the best doctor at the right price for their any major treatments or procedures. We believe choosing the best doctor for a treatment, finding an affordable hospital, and navigating the whole process shouldn’t be so difficult.

We tested this application for iOS & android for Manual as well as Automation tests.

About the project

Learning a new language is one of the most important challenges many of us face. Lots of countries have immigrants who are trying to learn the local language and fit in. Progress through traditional educational challenges can open up with improved language.

Lyriko has four modes, to help people with a range of learning preferences practice the foundational skills. Its concept of learn with music and images.

We tested complete app on iOS & iPad devices , compatibility wise & functional as well.

About the project

Cind Dating has changed the way people date, find friends, and the perception of meeting online, for the better. Women make the first move and only when male buys her a virtual monetery gift to connect & have chat with her. The money goes to charity if individials wish to where app has partnered with many NGO's.

We tested the apps thoroughly on different android & iOS devices for functionality, Usability, Compatibility, aspects. We tested with test users considering localization aspects & more

About the project

Worldbackers is platform where users can connect socially with friends, individuals , can post jobs, have access to projects, connect to startups etc.

Its an social marketplace where users can search & post projects for different countries on different categories like Art , fashion, Music etc

Tasks accomplished:
  • Test cases
  • Testing was done for 4 phases
  • Restesting of all phases
  • End to End manual testing was done

About the project

Tutit is an educational app designed to connect students with tutors. This unique app incorporates voice and digital chat capabilities, as well as interactive whiteboard functionality. Students can now connect with tutors 24/7 anywhere, anytime.

We tested this app for both Android & iOS . The app was tested on real time user perspectives considering roles of teacher & student for different locations.

About the project

Know It Or Blow It is an online trivia game featuring players from all over the world. Choose your category and answer quiz questions to win games and earn coins that you can use to compete in various cities around the world. Flaunt your mental prowess by playing this high-octane online quiz on your mobile.

This game is built in Unity 3D

We tested this game with different aspects like

  • Functionality, Interrupt, Usability, Security, Load testing.
  • QA of content was also done for more than 50k questions & answers

About the project

MONIIC allows its participants to communicate directly with each other, from one user’s machine to another, without the messages being stored in a centralized database in between them as is common in current leading messaging systems.

We tested the App for both android & iOS. The App was tested on some real time data & documents which helps user to verify himself or herself which further creates a Identity card of user which has data of all verified documents, Ids etc.

About the project

Martin Loyd can help your business to free paper documentation, e-mail generated action, and overgrown spread sheets by providing a web-based application to manage your workflows and processes.

We Provided ongoing QA support for State goverment project for one of states of US.

About the project

Code Websites is a creative agency specialising in WordPress design and development.

We provided QA support for there wordpress developments specially custom payment gateways were tested .

  • API testing of scenarios was done

About the project

GYMatch helps iOS and Anroid users who are workout enthusiasts to connect and to achieve fitness.

We test the app on iOS & android devices for:
  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Compatibility
  • Interrupt testing
  • Endurance testing

About the project

Dialectyx is into Professional Training & Coaching industry. Experiential Learning with all programmes(online and workshop) having a Theory-Practice-Feedback-Development structure to energise the learning process.It's backed by research and teaching at the the Universities of Cambridge and Hertfordshire

We did video testing for flow, content, data and more for some of learing programs.

This testing was done of different browsers.

About the project

Test your speed by swiping the Fixles into their homes as fast as you can.Mission is to swipe them into the house that matches their outfit colour.

As you level up, the Fixles will come down the street faster and faster. One wrong swipe and you’ll lose a life

We tested android app as well as web admin dashboard for this application.

About the project

An impeccable E-Health system built to deliver certain hospital based services at the tip of their fingers.

We tested Android & iOS app for usability persepctives and also performed load testing.

High details custom reports were generated & delivered to client.

About the project

inLinx Social Network is the latest innovation in Social Media Networking. primarily a social networking app, inLinx also has a digital marketplace where you can promote your business for free through our SEO-friendly business listing. Through this marketplace, your company, idea, service, or product can reach the top of Google pages and essentially save you thousands on ads. Now, businesses and entrepreneurs can register their product or service, reach new customers, and increase sales.

We tested app features, flow with respect to usability & localization testing as well.

About the project

We tested a game called Tap forward which is developed on the concept of incremental game.

We tested it for various android devices considering the usability & compatibility.

About the project

The company is into:
  • helping families with insights on “daily subjects to make better decisions"
  • Helping families with tips on “insights in different matters and which information to trust
  • Helping organizations have a more secure presence on the internet
  • Helping organizations how to be more caring, transparent and trustworthy
  • Helping governments on having better policies which protect families better

We drafted test scenarios & did execution for the product

About the project

The company is into Game & web development.

We did beta testing of 5 hours with 30 testers covering the test scenarios and delivery quality reports & compliance testing was also part of this testing.

Testing was done on web & mobile app both.

About the project

This app to search for goods and services offered in your locality. It is a local search engine that ONLY shows you local vendors, saving you valuable research time.

We tested this marketplace app on 8 devices considering aspects like functionality, Usability, Interrupt, performance and more.

About the project

Zirg is your premier online luxury Beauty & Fashion destination, your personal luxury beauty haven. Its an Magento marketplace.

We wrote test cases, performed test execution on different browsers like chrome, firefox, safari.Also, automation setup was done to decrease the testing time




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