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Independent Software Testing Services

If you are looking for customizable and budget-friendly software testing service then you are the right place. We at Testbytes, offers you a wide range of independent software testing services for both desktop and mobile-based applications. We have a unique combination of software testing and Quality Assurance (QA) specialists with proven expertise in testing tools and methodologies. Our ISTQB-certified testers will maintain constant communication with your development team while testing your mobile/desktop application.

Our software testing team handle manual and automation testing tasks with equal ease. Also, our testing exposure covers test-plan development, test-case development, regression analysis, bug maintainance, and debugging. When we take up your software testing project, we will assign a dedicated team exclusively to that project and will report directly to you or your staff. For Testbytes, this approach has proven to be very effective for mid and long-term projects that require ultimate resource scalability and product knowledge retention.

Types of Software Testing Services Offered

Our software testing and QA team is well-versed in all the standard test types and beyond. Whether it be testing functionality, user-interface, performance, implementing complex test automation, localization, or conducting security audits, we got that all covered! For testing desktop and mobile applications, our software testers use proven tools such as Selenium, QTP, Apache Jmeter, Netsparker, Pylot, Appium, Robotium, TestLink, TestDirector, and Jenkins. Here are the different types of independent software testing services offered by Testbytes:

Why Testbytes’ Software Testing and QA Services

  • A team of independent software testers can repeatedly find out different defects than a group of testers working within a software development team – or developers who have moderate testing skills and knowledge.
  • We make sure that proper money is spent on training, testing tools, test equipment, and more, as our software QA testing team has a seperate budget.
  • Testbytes’ team of testing engineers and QA specialists can bring their own assumptions to testings and to reviews which helps in finding the hidden defects and problems in mobile/desktop applications.
  • Proper communication is maintained betweeen your development team and our testing team so that we can report testing results honestly, without any concern, and provide you complete results within minimum turnaround.

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Testbytes’ independent software testing services help you cut unnecessary costs by identifying software defects early, release your mobile/desktop application faster without compromising quality, and improve user experience with a superior, bug-free product. Testbytes is one of the leading software testing companies based in the US. We are located at 65 Broadway Suite 1101, New York NY 10006. You can contact us for a free quote if you are interested in our independent testing services.


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