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Security/Penetration Testing

2-3 years


Security is the most crucial and vulnerable for software application nowadays. So the role of security/penetration tester has more importance than ever.

  • Monitor network for security issues
  • Investigate security breaches and threats
  • Have to install security measures and should have the ability to operate system that can protect data infrastructure, firewalls, data encryption programs etc.
  • Should be familiar with data visualisation and penetration tools
  • Impeccable system admin skills Programming / Scripting Skills (Power Shell or Python) (Linux / Windows);
  • Well-acquainted with SIEM
  • Should be able to provide recommendation to ensure data security
  • Candidate should be able to teach employees about the need to maintain certain standards when it comes to security of the system that they are working on.
  • Should be up-to-date in current security trends
  • Document breaches
  • Should be able to perform penetration testing and security analysis of applications.
  • Fix security issues with industry standards.



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