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7 Must – Know Facts for iPhone App Testing Services

August 25th, 2016
7 Must – Know Facts for iPhone App Testing Services

As you might know, iPhone App Testing Services are the hubs where you can mould your iOS apps into highly active stuff and streamline it for business goals. The foremost positive aspect of testing services is quality assurance. Businesses test their apps in order to build consumer loyalty by lessening the execution hazards. Therefore, the app testing team should be aware of the latest trends in iPhone app testing to deliver quality apps.

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Here are 7 must know facts for iPhone App Testing Services

  1. Untestable behaviour doesn’t exist!

Many developers use the term untestable behaviour. Most probably, you might have heard about this term. What is this untestable behaviour! There is no such thing called untestable behaviour. In fact, it‘s a misquoted term. For your information, only the term untestable code exists.

How codes become untestable? It’s as simple as that. When you find it difficult to test something in your app, you have to recode it. Codes become untestable because it’s too complicated. iOS app testing services can use several methods to rectify this. Split the codes and write fresh codes by making it more modular.

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  1. Know about testing frameworks

You should make sure that you know about different types of testing frameworks. Also, ensure you know precisely how your objects should behave.

As far as iOS applications are concerned, you have only two proficient testing frameworks: Specta and Quick. Both of these testing frameworks are designed in BDD style.

  1. Make your test writing simple

High cohesion always enhances the quality of an app. Try to make your test writing simple by reducing the tests. You do not need to perform more tests, if you have a clear idea about the requirements. Remember, simpler writing gives outstanding quality, quality makes high cohesion feasible.

  1. Stick to the rules

Always remember, things such as gadgets, OS’ and programming languages may change from time to time. When it comes to software development, the basic rules for developing good softwares remain the same. So, stick to the rules.

In the case of iOS testing, you can follow the S, L and D rules.

S = Single responsibility principle

L = Liskov substitution principle

D = Dependency inversion principle

  1. Know the bugs!

Identifying the bugs and errors will keep the rhythm of your mission. When it comes to class of codes, if it is more than 150 lines of code, definitely there is an error. If the length of the class code is longer than 300, it is completely broken and there are serious errors.

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So, avoid these sorts of difficulties by splitting your code into smaller parts. It really makes the whole testing legible.

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  1. Think about alternatives!

It is natural that you lose focus when you constantly work with a piece of code. Sometimes this hectic exercise may prevent you from thinking of other methods to solve issues. For instance, the code that you created has passed all the tests, but still you feel there is room for improvement. In that case you can take a break and seek suggestions from other developers. This will help you to explore new ideas.

  1. Even experienced professionals can learn something new

In every sector, there will be something new for you to learn. This is applicable to testers as well as programmers. Some experienced professionals might think testing is only for beginner coders. Truth to be told, codes may not work as you expected, even if you are a veteran in this industry.

Testing codes will always speed up the development. You will see the difference when start writing tests. Even experienced professionals break codes unknowingly. So, always approach a venture with a beginner’s mind. There‘s lots of scope of improvement for sure.

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