What is User Testing? How Does User Testing Work?

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Wednesday November 13, 2019

User Testing is the only effective way in existence to find out your app or website will work or not. When we put the business into perspective. How does user testing work?

So you have a business idea! But will it work? Any idea if it is not desirable by its prospective users is worthless. The same goes for the software world. Any software or application ideas if it is not desirable by its users is of no use.t is hence very important, to get your idea tested before converting it into reality. And here is where you will require

user testing

What is User Testing?

It is an idea that gives birth to software or an application. The success of the application depends on how viable your idea is? It is very important to test whether your idea is desirable for its prospective customers or not.

To test this viability, user testing is done. User testing ensures that it is worthwhile to convert your idea into an application or not. For example, you go to a taxi stand and find numerous people waiting for the taxi.

Suddenly an idea strikes your mind to build an app, where people can book the taxi online and the taxi can reach their doorstep when they book it. Now there are many questions in your mind like, “will this application work or not?” And in such scenarios this testing is very important, to tell your idea to its prospective users and see if your product will be desirable and valued by its audiences.

In short user, testing is a type of testing to test whether your idea is desirable or not.

When is user testing done?

When is user testing done

This testing is done after you get an idea and before you commence working on the software/ application. The input to your testing is your idea and the output or result is its user’s feedback on your idea.

Who does user testing?

Who does the user testing

User testing tests the user’s perspective on the application idea. The main reviewers in such kind of testing are the prospective users.

The testers and the idea owners create a survey and the users take that survey. Hence the main participants of this testing are the users and the idea owners/testers.

What is the purpose of user testing?


What is the purpose of user testing

The purpose of this testing is to evaluate whether the idea you are planning to work upon is desirable by its prospective users or not. It is a good idea to convert your idea into an app-only if people are ready to use it if and only if they think they need such a solution to make their lives easier.

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If users think that your idea is worthless then investing money in building that app would be just a waste of money. Many of the apps fail miserably because the businesses do not consider conducting user testing as an important part. If they would have conducted this testing, they could have avoided many losses. Rather it should be the very first step towards the building of the app.

What factors are considered while performing user testing?

Customer needs, their Perception, and their Demand are the major factors that are considered while performing this testing.

How is user testing conducted?

User testing can be conducted through in-person discussion, coffee shop discussion, Google hangout, Type form, Virtually at Skype, Google forms, Survey Monkey, social media polls, social media discussion, online discussion forums, etc.

What to ask during user testing?

The main concern in this testing is what questions to ask your users while conducting the survey or this testing. Some of the basic questions you can ask are:

  • How you solve that problem currently?
  • Have you ever thought of doing it in a better way?
  • Will you use the proposed solution to accomplish this task?
  • Will you pay money if asked to use this solution?
  • Do you think this solution will ease out your work?

How is user testing done?

User testing serves as the analysis of the achieve ability of any idea. A questionnaire will be prepared including all the questions that will extensively define the user’s perspective to that particular idea. This questionnaire is then presented to the prospective users and their answers will be collected. Based on their answers a decision will be made whether to give the idea a go-ahead or dissolve the plan.

Difference between user testing and usability testing

Difference between user testing and usability testing

Many of us get confused between user testing and usability testing. In fact, too many of us, user testing and usability testing are some of the same things. But in reality, they both are very different. Here are the differences that might clear your doubts on the user and usability testing.


User Testing


Usability Testing

Do users need your app? Can users use your app?
Done after you have an idea Done after you have you’re your design ready and continues till the end before the app is live
A discussion or a survey is best suited for this testing You have to have a design ready to get usability testing


An idea is the creator of everything including the software. but the success of your app depends on whether your idea is desirable by its users or not. Many applications like Uber, Amazon, Facebook, etc. have become a huge success because their idea was open-heartedly accepted by its users.

It is always better to be double sure before putting your efforts and your money on an idea. And this testing is a perfect answer to be sure whether your idea would be accepted by its users or not.

Also, it can help you identify your right audiences so that when you design and work upon your app, you can keep in mind its perspective users and build it according to their demand. Testing on the contrary as believed to be the last phase of the software testing life cycle begins at the very early phase just after the birth of the idea.



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