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7 Essentials For Successful Software Testing Projects

October 3rd, 2017
7 Essentials For Successful Software Testing Projects

Testing, the process ensures that the software is designed in such a way that it fulfills its business and technical requirements. This also helps in determining that the software is designed following the client’s as well as end-users requirements. The process helps in identifying the defects or flaw that may later cause financial and reputation damage to the organization.
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Here we are sharing software testing essentials that would help tester is ensuring that the software testing process is done in a proper way. It is helpful to think about software testing in terms of seven essential elements that are discussed below:
Test Strategy: The purpose of testing is to point out the defects that are not apparent. When we talk about test strategy, it is about the type of testing, which will be implemented to detect the flaws of the product. The strategy is decided on the basis or requirements and information that help on finding customer’s focus. Choosing a right test strategy helps in saving time and money. It is suggested to start working on test strategy in the middle of the design phase.
Testing Plan: As the name says, testing plan deals with the testing task. This software testing essential includes all the details such as who will do which tasks, when to start, ending when, how much effort it will demand. A list is prepared that covers all the things that need to be performed for testing. The testing plan helps in identifying the dependencies among the tasks. The tester can start filling the details of the testing plan as soon as the test strategy is completed. Test strategy and testing plan keep changing with the advancement of project.
Test Cases: The development of a test case is determined on the basis of prioritizing requirement. A tester has to keep in mind the customer’s approach as well as quality dimensions that need to be delivered. Apart from ad hoc testing, all test cases must be prepared before starting the testing. The test case development occurs parallel to software development task.
Creating a test case is as challenging as software programming!! To create a perfect test case, one must possess sound knowledge of requirements and business rules, all these information help the tester in predicting the expected result. It is the expected result that works as a benchmark in deciding whether the test will pass or fail. A good test case is designed in such a way that it finds out all the visible and hidden defects.
Test Data: Now your test case is ready and to execute the test case one require a test data. The test data can be anything like names, addresses, product orders, or whatever other information the system uses. Test data development is usually done simultaneously with test case development.
Test Environment: Test environment refer the place where testing is done and for that one may require a set of equipment as well. One may require a couple of machines to create a proper test environment. When we talk about test environment, we try to create a mini-environment that reflects the environment where the software will actually run in the future. Tips to set up a test environment are the part of the test planning process and it should be completed before starting the testing.
Testing tools:  Testing tools are another important aspect of software testing essentials. There are a variety of tools available in the market, the smart implementation of such tools ensure that nothing remains unnoticed from the eyes of the tester.
Tester’s Experience: All the theoretical part and tools can infer result only when it is used by someone who has the knowledge to use it. It is very important to work with a skilled and experienced tester to make the most of the available sources.
For a better and precise software testing, it is important to ensure that above mentioned 7 elements are taken into consideration. Testers often complain about the lack of resources and lack of involvement in the development process at the initial stage, but focusing on these 7 software testing essentials to ensure better testing.

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