10 Must-Have Tools for Software Testing Services


Friday May 6, 2016

With thousands of mobile gadgets and various OS platforms, you may find it difficult to make sure your app’s performance across different gadgets and users. The quality services provided by Software Testing Services will help you to ensure your app’s consistency on various devices.

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Testing services use several tools to improve the consistency of apps. If you are a beginner in software testing it is important to have an idea about top testing tools.

Let’s see some of the brilliant tools for Software Testing Services.

  1. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

This is an amazing tool help you in checking links. The ability to check links at a great pace is one of the smart features of Xenu’s Link Sleuth. You can use this tool for effective website optimization owing to its much broader functionality. Apart from this, Xenu will help you to spot and report redirected URLs.

Testers can make use of Xenu for searching pages with long response. Also, this tool is very user friendly because of its simple and precise interface.

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  1. PicPick

PicPick is very special because of its multifunctionality.You can use this tool for tasks requiring redesign. As a multifunction tool, it is good for capturing screenshots, picking colours, editing images, and helps you with its wide range of graphic design accessories.

  1. Clip2net

Apart from Software Testing Services, Clip2net is an essential tool for everyone. With this tool testers can easily capture, store and share screenshots. This will help you during skype calls. If you want to highlight some specific points, you can use the image editor feature of this tool. More advanced features are available in its Pro and LIte versions.

  1. Selenium IDE

You can easily generate locators of web elements with this powerful tool. You can do test automation with this robust Firefox extension. For automation tests, you have to check Xpath existence. Since, finding already generated locators are necessary for this purpose, you can make use of Selenium tool for doing this.

  1. Maven

You can easily work for Java related projects with this powerful project management tool. Maven is popular for its exciting time saving features. When developers pass to testers the project size will get reduced owing to the smart repository feature of this tool. Libraries are stored in its own repository.


You don’t want to update to new versions since the libraries are downloaded locally.

  1. Firebug

As you might know, Firebug is a popular web development tool. It is well- known for its excellent debugging, editing and many other features. It is known fact that beginner testers have to look through the code to understand the server returns, so they can exploit the possibilities of this tool very much.

Additionally, you can make use of this amazing tool when writing test cases as it helps you to name an element, to check its id and to explain bugs and the elements.

  1. Sikuli

If you are looking for an image – based automation tool, Sikuli is the right choice for you. This is a fantastic tool for desktop automation. Unlike other tools Sikuli takes a visual approach to the things on your desktop. For instance, if you give data how you want a shortcut or button look like, this tool identifies it and customize your desktop according to your requirements.

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  1. Robotium

Robotium is a brilliant tool for mobile automation. This is an exclusive tool for Android applications because it focuses only on Android. Robotium is very user friendly because of its simple framework. So you guys need only minimal knowledge to handle this tool.

  1. Testlink

Since Testlink is developed for test documentation management, you people can do test cases and test suits with much ease. This tool offers you exact report data with handy features. This will help you deal with big projects as this tool allows you to sort those reports by sections.

  1. Github

As Github is a public cloud repository tool, you feel it easy to manage your code. Since it is customizable, multiple users are able to modify the code, report bugs, etc. Also, Github gives you room for effective work optimization if you have a big team.


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