Why Quality Assurance is Shifting to Quality Engineering? (Explained)

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Thursday May 23, 2019

Software quality assurance has its main components in the means for monitoring the quality engineering processes as well as the methods which are used to ensure the quality of the software.
In past scenario when the software development was in its earlier stage developers were those who were basically writing code and doing quality assurance, their team was tasking up the checking of the quality which was usually the last thing in the cycle of the whole software development life cycle.
But as we all know that the software development industry is constantly evolving and there is developmental complexity in the workflow across various platforms which have to be matched up with the expanding market competition.
Table of Contents
1. What is Quality Engineering?
2. What are Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering?
3. The Overall Culture is Changing Along With the Market Expansion
4. The Drawback of the old Working Style
5. Why this Change is Essential
6. How this is Beneficial to the Software Development Community
quality engineering
What is Quality Engineering?
Quality engineering is the new age method used to ensure a product has met its customer requirements. It’s more of a cross-functional kind of development where multiple teams works seamlessly to make sure that the product is of impeccable quality.
Quality engineering does not stop at the deployment of the product. The process continues as quality maintenance for a long period.
What are Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering?
Effective quality control is essential for creating the required product that is the demand of the customers. In the last only the quality team is essentially responsible for ensuring the product as well as service to be delivered as said and committed.
But what we want to say here is traditional testing method limits the effectiveness of the testing through testing paradigm; this has lead to involution of the quality control assurance into quality engineering. The overall change is more focused on the fundamental, conventional as well as structural composition and status.
This overall process of quality engineering requires the organization to get involved in the cycle of product development well informed and equipped that will last to the true approach of conduction of end to end result in a quality assurance rather than one point that involves the team only when the product is already made and shipped
Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering
A move from quality assurance to quality engineering makes the team more efficient, agile and successful in its approach to release more customer-centric software.
The main difference between the quality engineering and quality assurance is the scope an approach as the quality engineering team usually partner along with the business users and the product managers for having a better understanding of the required product details to match up the problems since the starting of the product to the last stage.
The transition is made much easier than before with minimal mistaken strengthening the pillar of the organization that is the culture as well as the system process.
The Overall Culture is Changing Along With the Market Expansion
Moving along from the quality assurance to quality engineering starts along with the cultural aspect of the team as well as the organization.
The whole approach has to be accepted from the top to button as the cross-sectional and inter-departmental collaboration is the backbone of working ethics of software quality engineering.
Along with more cultural acceptance within the organization an actual framework should be built on insurance and endurance which initiates the cultural shift which is seamless and consistent.
The whole idea of quality assurance was adopted originally from the manufacturing industry which basically works on the waterfall model.
So earlier developers were more focused on using a similar process to manufacture the whole software.
The Drawback of the old Working Style        
All the change that has appeared in the recent working style of the software assurance is famously known as the agile development or the iterative development which has now flipped up the old model of software delivery system.
It has encouraged the team to adapt with the whole processes which also encourages small timely releases of the software as compared to the earlier time when the slot was bigger and takes much longer time.
In this model, the quality analysis was expected to have the testing of the entire system almost every two or three weeks on the basis of the sprint cycle. The earlier version of the slow system often leads to

  • A constant pressure to keep up the quality upstream’
  • Stress over the automation and finding the solution for the testing automation.
  • Bigger role of the quality assurance organization

All these bottlenecks have resulted in the redefining of the role of quality analysis and culminated in the birth of quality engineering.
Why this Change is Essential
The true requirement for the change from QA to QE is based on the advent of the services which in turn is based on the architectural model, eventually, the team has started individually defying their business implementations as a set of independent services but these are interconnected which are being governed by the strict contractual protocols.
All this has to lead to

  • Testing for the QA engineers have been some extremely difficult as the team has to
  • Write code even before the existence
  • Get involved in the after designing so that e required test can be done and identified to the core functionality.
  • Start using the framework that mimics the dependencies so the team can work faster without waiting for up for the upstream and downstream dependencies which are available.

In terms of the unit, testing has moved upstream and the component of the integration testing requires QA to get involved in the much earlier stage as they were before.
All these changes in the working attitude have ultimately forced the industry to shift from assurance to engineering, is simply just assuring the quality at the level of the customer acceptance, now things have been pushed to start the integration quality in the whole process of the software development as a life-cycle of the software quality.
How this is Beneficial to the Software Development Community
This approach has resulted in defying the role of the software developer who can built the infrastructure, do the identification of the test scope, risk identification and define various quality criteria from a single unit to the final way of acceptance of the testing and planning. This trend today is named as a software developer in the test.

A big reason for this shift can also be credited to the fact that these professionals are being paid a very good amount and at par with the developers.
Companies have also started to consider the quality engineers professionals very important field and worth paying money for.
In the end, we must realize that it is the work of the building up the test key infrastructure which allows the easy data capture, analysis of it and provides the required guidance to provide mitigation strategy. Soon the quality engineering is becoming a niche field with specialized skills which may incorporate with the data scientist very well.




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