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The Need of Unit Testing in Software Development

March 20th, 2017
The Need of Unit Testing in Software Development

Imagine the architect building your dream house skipping your ventilation or forgetting to leave points for power plugins. Wouldn’t it be odd? Of course it will be

app testing

Just like that, unit testing is also something you cannot afford to forget while building up a software.

So what is this unit testing?

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Unit testing is a part of software testing like integration testing, penetration testing, usability testing and so on. In unit testing, a program or software is divided into the smallest functional unitsmaking testing effective and helps testers find out bugs easily. Unit testing is not something that produces an end product, but it is something that goes on with the process

In fact, unit testing makes your job easy.

In the developmental stage itself, unit testing reduces bugs which save time and money in the long run. As unit testing breaks software into simple codes and undergo testing of functionalities one by one, it gives more clarity and enables testers to find errors instantly.

You know what happens when you have a tendency to postpone unit testing ?

Testers have the tendency to drop unit testing for later, considering it as the last thing to do.

This happens not because developers are lazy, (unless they actually are’) ;But because unit testing is different from all other kinds of testing. Unit testing requires totally different kind of programs, written to test the function and logic errors of a software.

It has to be maintained throughout the life time process of a software.

Try cutting it down to the line and you face the risk of critical errors costing you.

How unit testing reduces bugs?

Don’t worry, this is not going to cost you any extra money.

Then how is it going to work? Let’s take a look

Effective unit testing happens with a good developer. Some suggest that keeping codes in written formats helps you understand codes better. Even though smaller projects may benefit from unit testing, larger projects are the usual ones that are in immediate need of unit testing. For them it’s mandatory.

If unit testing is going to be the very next step after creating initial prototype, then developers and clients have to be aware about the time needed to develop unit testing at the time of developing project.

Patience in doing unit testing brings difference. Take a little time and get the job done, don’t act quickly.

Since unit testing is done in modules, it’s easy to understand the additions and changes done to the software.They won’t get mixed with other codes or sections. Unit testing can provide a classic quality to your software.

Always remember to avoid complicated codes and pay some attention to threat warning.

automation testing

‘Thinking twice’ and checking twice can also help in successful testing.

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Objectives of unit testing

when writing unit testing don’t forget to remember these three points:-

  1. Codes should be readable

  2. Allow automation testing

  3. Written tests should be manageable.

How you can benefit from unit testing

  • Quickly allows to make changes
  • Saves time
  • Test driven development tell you when to stop coding
  • Helps define and document what something is supposed to do.
  • Codes can be re-used in new project
  • Coding constipation can be fixed by test-driven development, they help in fast movements of complicated codes
  • Test driven development brings a successful outcome combining the codes and test work together
  • Instead of constructing a code, testing outlines all the codes you need and brings out what developer wants the codes to do. 
  • Instant visual feedback
  • Unit testing helps developers understand the code instead of writing code for an expected outcome.
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