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3 Key Fears of Software Testing Professionals

July 20th, 2016
3 Key Fears of Software Testing Professionals

Fears and phobia are very common among humans. It could be something very common as the fear of animals and creatures or things bizarre like the fear of socializing and death. The same is applicable for any profession. Each profession comes with its own set of fears and insecurities.

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A common one across all professions is the fear of being fired from your job! It could happen with anybody at any point. Another one is that of someone overtaking you or outshining you in your job.

As for software testing services, there are similar situations every tester faces. There are even severe cases where software testers have been kept awake all night due to their inbuilt fears. Here are a few of the common fears every software testing professional faces:

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Outsourcing – In today’s world, it is possible to work from any place on Earth. In fact, working remotely is not just possible, but it is very common. That is why we have so many freelancers around. As such, outsourcing is a really feasible option for the companies.

The growing competition between companies to perform better and gain profit is so much that every firm now believes in cost effective methods to get the job done. They prefer minimum resources with minimum effort to get a large outcome. The return on investment or ROI is a major concern.

With off shore services turning out to be more cost effective, more companies are now considering this option for their testing services rather than maintaining an in house testing team. In such a scenario, job security becomes a major concern for software testers. By outsourcing the software testing services, the companies could easily cut down on their employee count. If the situation worsens, it would turn out to be a nightmare for the testers.

Failing Expectations – Failing to meet up to the expectations is something every professional dreads. This is much more in case you are a new tester. If you are fresh and new to your job and yet to get a hang of things in the corporate world, you may not be able to work as diligently and efficiently in looking out for bugs as your senior might be. One thing to remember here is that you need time to gain experience. In the same way, a fresher in testing needs time to improve the quality of testing.

Even experienced testers seem to face this problem. There are times when they are stuck in a situation unable to find a single bug. When someone else finds the bug, they start blaming themselves for failing. This is a common scenario and one should not let this affect them for a longer period.

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Redundant Bugs – Repetitive situations are tricky. You might get so involved in it that you miss out the finer details and get sucked in to the same familiar things over and over again. Your mind could also straggle unnecessarily. You get bored and lose interest in what you are working on.

Performing redundant tasks makes it monotonous for a tester. As such, critical issues could get missed out. One tends to focus less and wander off from the task at hand. This affects the productivity and efficiency, and could be a problem if it continues. A tester knows this well and fears that this could happen to him.


So, here were the three main fears that are common for every professional in the software testing services. Surely most you could relate to these situations and do understand the feelings well. Find out your deep dark fears as a software tester and fight against them to conquer them.

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