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Browser Compatibility Testing of Web Apps: Top 5 Browsers

December 26th, 2018
Browser Compatibility Testing of Web Apps: Top 5 Browsers

Browser Compatibility Testing can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to begin with.
It will require a lot of concentration, effort and time to successfully test it. After the development and designing of an application is done then the testing phase will test whether it is up to mark with all the essential features or not.
However, ensuring quality can be a time–taking a task and will not end up well if you don’t know where to begin with. Well, now you have it all.
For a relatively new tester, testing can be the most annoying task if they don’t know what to do. For the head-start to such innovators, we have come up with some of the amazing browsers to make your website application experience much better.
Here we have shed light on the basis, difference and benefits of top browsers along with issues that might come along the way in Browser Compatibility Testing
1. Google Chrome

One of the most leading and user-friendly browser used by the audience is Google Chrome. Hence, it only made sense if we test an application on it as well.
On top of that, due to its popularity, even the developers engage themselves with Chrome as a tool. However, with the latest update of Chrome, it might take some time to get a hang of cached resources. Hence, it might be a problem for font, icons, static files or images.
Apart from this, the main issues that a tester might come across are embedded images. It is possible that it might appear on the side up on right part in several browsers, it will be present at the sideways in Chrome.
The best thing is to run the photos on the server side that can help with the actual orientation. Also, if the image is not rotated then it can be done easily.
2. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Apart from this Edge is also used to test off in this environment. If you are confused then let us tell you, they are the two different browsers that are used to test a website.
When it comes to Microsoft Edge, it is a fourth modern browser that is used with auto-update feature. Then comes Internet Explorer 11. It is the final version of IE that is supported by Microsoft.

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The best thing is that it is the browser that is used almost at first by any tester. The commenting is usually done in HTML format but it can use CSS and JavaScript as well. However, it seems like extra work or unnecessary thing but to work as a modern browser, it becomes essential. Whether it is edge or Internet Explorer, both can work amazingly well for automated web testing.
It can be frustrating to see no rendering in Edge or IE for testers. Something, content comes out more jumbled, the image is not visible, or even have an empty page as an outcome.
Hence, it becomes challenging when the situation gets out of hand. But there are few precautions that can be taken up such as CSS appearance. It can be extremely helpful in such cases for the customization process.
3. Apple Safari

There is no doubt that Apple is taking over the market at a large scale. The Apple products – devices and computers – are used immensely by the customers.
Hence, it becomes essential to get website application tested on Apple or iOS browser as well. The Apple browser for computer works differently as compared to the phone.
The main difference comes with the use of the mouse for the desktop while iPad and iPhone required finger touch.
However, since iPad and iPhone work on a smaller version of CPU, hence, it is optimized in such a way that load can be reduced.
For a newbie, it is essential to understand that desktop and mobile Safari browser is different from each other.
The security is a topmost concern when it comes to Safari along with JavaScript toggle and phishing protection.
Safari works best with iOS and MacOSX platforms. However, there is no doubt that it can be challenging test an application when you don’t have a device.
But if you know small tricks then it can be one of the easiest task to deal with. Apart from this, the browser has the tendency to work with several versions of Safari that make it even easier to get the work of web application tested easy.
It is even possible to check on its consistency to ensure that behavior of an application is to the point.
4. Mozilla Firefox

A decade has passed by since Mozilla became popular among developers or testers. In earlier times, the best debugging tools that are used was Firebug.
With time, there is nothing that is changed in the terms of technology. If anything, there is only increment in the reliability of browsers as per deep catalog extensions.
In addition to this, the customization on user interface level became extremely essential.
Chrome might have managed to surpass the rendering speed or developer’s tools. But still, Mozilla has few features that made an audience go crazy for it.
With the update, the performance issue is tackled. The new specification is working amazingly well with Mozilla Firefox.
On top of that, it has managed to take the world by the fire with its easy flagrant bug avoiding. The inconsistency in the layout is another thing that makes tested implement CSS.
The layout break is usually due to the WebKit derived engine that results in dimension changes and text line heights.
There is a possibility that it is not your fault that there is an error in the browser. Some error is due to the browser that can be tackles up with browser update.
However, if some of the faults are at your end that you need to maintain a proper strategy to ensure that you reach the root cause of that problem. Sometimes, even Troubleshooting can be extremely helpful to do proper testing.
If there is an error for a certain browse then make sure to do changes for that browser only. There is no use to change the code for the entire browser since the others are not a problem here.
Apart from this, it is the general approach that you can follow up in terms of feature works and codes which can help in eliminating the faults.
5. Opera Mini
Opera is used by 100 Million users at the moment!
However, there are sites that are not tested for Opera since it is considered as a thin client instead of the browser.
It usually works with the subset of web pages in the form of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Hence, it is used for the low powered devices in order to work off with complex pages.
However, it can be extremely beneficial when it comes to compatibility, then it becomes essential to test an application over it.
The live interaction level of testing can be helpful in such cases for web application and website. This can work well for a latest and oldest version in the beta and dev versions.
Why you need different browsers?
Have a Look at the Video Representation By GC Reddy about Cross Browser Testing.
All the web browsers are different than each other in terms of features and applications. Some are popular while others with similar properties might not even be in the market for a longer period of time.
They are so different for each other that your website will be visible in different ways. Hence, it is essential to test every site on the different browser.
Some of the testers, use cross browsing testing tools. The main aim is to offer smooth experience to users irrespective of their browsers.
The content that is displayed on the browsers must be up-to-the-point to ensure that your efforts and time has not gone down the drain. On top of that, no matter how much it looks good, it doesn’t mean that it is functional as well.
Why use different browsers?
Everyone has their own personal choice when it comes to browsers. If you are limiting the testing process to only one or two browsers it can be the biggest risk for you.
There is no point of investing such a higher price in the program that might not even be in your favor.
Many people might opt for chrome but a large number of the population depend on Mozilla as well. Hence, if you are aiming to reach the largest market, then, you need to get your web app tested on almost every browser that you might know.
This can be a time-consuming and daunting task but at the end of the day with an increase in lead generation and revenue, it will be worth it.

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