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Wednesday February 13, 2019

Software testers have the ultimate authority to guarantee the reliability of the product before its launch.

As an apprentice, you may learn software testing by reading some great testing books. Books can enable you to learn nuts and bolts of software testing, but they won’t have the potential to take care of all your work-life issues.

As software testing can often be exceptionally challenging, fixing issues can be difficult, and you need to turn toward the help of specific sites that will guide you further on recent trends in software testing and solve a significant number of your problems.

websites to learn software testing

1. uTest

An Applause App Quality, Inc. venture, which is a freelance software testing as well as a feedback forum. You will find the reliable, active, and dedicated software testers on this website.

uTest is one of the first-class software testing sites available in the online world. It has more than 2,00,000 software testers. Courses available on it are for free. The website helps you in hoisting your aptitudes dependent on apropos assets that will go about as a prop and enhancer of your pursuit in software testing tasks.

It likewise supervises you with the testing ventures, take an interest in event rate tools and communicate with peers and users with regards to the testing market. The community is helpful and always ready to cooperate.

You can likewise build up your testing aptitudes through projects accessible on the test platform. It is a definitely suggested site for everyone to give it a try and learn something new on software testing tasks.

2. Testbytes

It’s a website run by a software testing company. Since they are well-acquainted with the latest happenings in the testing industry. Their blog section is filled with content that is helpful for all the aspiring software testers and experts out there.

Their services in software testing include app testing, web app testing game testing, performance testing, security testing, load testing, functionality testing, network testing, etc.

Testbytes team is comprised of testers and business management professionals who have got years of experience in software testing.

3. Dzone:

You may need to bookmark Dzone.com in case that you are searching for all the detailed technical content regarding the QA and software testing. With more than one million active members on Dzone, it is one of the biggest networks, giving the most recent bits of knowledge on software testing, test management, test automation, DevOps, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

They collect the high-grade articles from all around the internet and distribute them for their 1 million+ members to read.

Developers from throughout the world get to the DZone platform for the best and latest content on software testing to sharpen their skills and improve their careers.

You can furthermore share announcements, articles, and contribute as the Most Valuable Blogger (MVB Program) to get exposure to a large number of QA and technology professionals from throughout the world. You can also subscribe to their weekly updates feature to stay aware of the latest trends in software testing.

4. Guru99

Guru99 is the top of the line learning tool online that you must follow as a software tester to upgrade your abilities. The website can be a great start to learn software testing skills plus you can learn tools or concepts in granular level from this online resource. They have given training to more than 100 million aspirants by far.

It has an enormous vault of instructional videos and information classified with performance testing, mobile testing, project testing, security testing, testing management, and numerous different subjects.

The video tutorials are primarily intended for novices with little or zero software testing knowledge. You should bookmark this site instantly to step up your abilities and to learn everything new.

5. Sticky Minds

Sticky Minds is in collaboration with the Techwell community. With this software testing oriented website, the user community can assist you to stay up to date on the testing trends, training, and conferences. And if you are having issues with testing projects, the pro community of testers on the website will support you get the solution in the Q&A section.

QA experts, software testers, and anybody curious about learning more on software testing can follow this site for how-to advice, in-detail articles, and the advanced test technologies. The site incorporates test management, test automation, test design techniques, test process development, agile testing, test tools, and so on. All these articles are covered through Q&A discussions, interviews, articles, events, and presentations updated weekly.

It has a free membership program for software professionals. Sign up Sticky Minds immediately to join and interact with the community and increase your knowledge base.

6. Software QA Test

The site is designed for experienced software testing and QA engineers who want certain prompt learning in just one click. Also, those novices to software testing and QA projects, as well as ones who have an interest in software development processes can too use this website for their benefit. The site gives data about software testing on every level.

In case you’re encountering an issue or have any sort of queries concerning software testing, you will effectively discover your answers here.

Also, it is a one-stop hotspot for downloadable materials on Software QA and Testing made by James Bach and Michael Bolton. It serves both as a reference tool and hornbook for advanced courses. Aside from this, you can likewise choose-out web journals and articles on rapid software testing.

You will get guidance on real-world software testing, QA, management, test automation, and development expertise in a broad range of software development companies ranging from small to large scale.

7. Satisfice

Satisfice is a site claimed by famous software testing thought pioneer James Marcus Bach.

The site centers around Rapid Software Testing applications which combine risk-based testing, heuristic testing, and exploratory testing to encourage software testers and QA endeavors with quick testing and enhancing their test methods.

This site gives counseling and teaching in both quality assurance and software testing field to enable learners to surpass expectations in their testing procedures and routine undertakings.

It consists of a full scope of topics with regards to testing that can be applied by amateurs and advanced testers alike. The best part is – James Bach will also be available to viewers via Skype for consultation.

8. Google Tester’s Blog:

This blog site is managed by the expert Google testers and gives all of you that you are in search of regarding software testing.

Fortunately, Google blogs a lot about their testing and QA processes, thus, we can get insight from their practices with Google Tester’s Blog.

The blog page gives nitty-gritty data, the latest news, and practices on the best way to debug or test a product straight from the Google testers. It is a blog that intends to teach you everything about testing.

In case you require an expert’s recommendation about software testing, simply visit this fantastic blog and you’ll get what you are hunting.

9. TechTarget:

TechTarget is also an online community that encourages association with industry-specific experts who are masters in making a quality product and furthermore implement functions, for example, software testing, software project management, application performance management (APM), quality software, quality assurance, application lifecycle management (ALM), and a lot more relevant topics.

The site will likewise guarantee that the app created is of ideal quality, that should be possible by utilizing strategies, for example, DevOps and Agile development. TechTarget furthermore contains various webcasts and white papers.

You will also get new knowledge of application threats and vulnerabilities, software quality management, bug tracking, and software maintenance, and how to incorporate quality and security with the application development lifecycle.

10. Software Testing Help:

This also is among the best software testing blog site that offers a comprehensive package for learning software testing.

The site is a popular platform developed by Vijay who is B.E. Computer Science and contributed to this blog page from the year 2006. The blog is concentrating on topics based on software testing and quality assurance.

With more than 1 million monthly views, the website includes all the topics on software testing techniques that will be valuable for both beginners and qualified testing professionals.

The site is providing support to wide scope of testing experts who are seeking updates regarding the software testing methodologies, tutorials, automation testing, manual testing, testing tools, web testing, testing templates, interview questions, quality assurance, books, testing certifications, career guidance, vacancies, latest testing news, trends, and a lot more.


Testing software is a highly stressful, time-consuming, and tiring job. It needs testers to have full understanding and experience of software testing techniques.

But thanks to these various knowledge wellsprings working towards creating software testing awareness and teaching the best of an industry that has made this task quite easy and manageable.

Whether you are an advanced or a beginner level software tester and crave to learn further about software testing processes and trends in 2020, you can really get guidance from these blogs and websites forums listed above.




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