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Top 10 Software Testing Skills Required For Success in 2020

December 30th, 2016
Top 10 Software Testing Skills Required For Success in 2020

There are certain Software testing skills that every recruiter looks for apart from work experience when it comes to software testing jobs. In 2020, it is expected that there is going to be a boom in jobs related software testing. However, to top the race you need to counter check the skills you have is the same companies are looking for. 
Such skills include,

  1. Logical and analytical thinking
  2. A sense of creativity and an inquisitive mind
  3. A global as well as local approach
  4. The right application of knowledge
  5. Skills related to project management
  6. Documentation and communication
  7. Social networking skills
  8. A better understanding of coding
  9. Evidence gathering
  10. Being Rational

1. Logical and Analytical Thinking
Logical and Analytical Thinking
This is, perhaps, the most basic requirement of a tester. Many times, many of the bugs are related to logic’s applied in the code.
Analytical thinking ensures that you are capable of thinking out of the box.
It should result in the creation of various test cases. Logical thinking plays a vital role when you test as an end-user and apply all sorts of probabilities you can think of. 
Creating situations which help in making the product strong, can be done faster by the one who has strong analytical skills.
2. A Sense of Creativity and an Inquisitive Mind
A Sense of Creativity and an Inquisitive Mind
Be curious about everything you test. Unlike a popular belief that testing is a mundane and boring job, it is actually a test of your creativity and eagerness to know the product as deep as you can.
The more you explore, the more bugs you will come up with, resulting in excellent testing skills.
Ask questions as it will increase your knowledge about the product. There are various methodologies of testing which will help you to test in many test scenarios. 
This way, you will be able to contribute a lot to the development process of the product.
3. A Global as Well as Local Approach
A Global as Well as Local Approach
These days, products have become very complex. A good tester should know all about the business situations and should be able to interact well with third parties to ensure the requirements are clear.
You will surely go a long way if you are able to see the software as an outsider. At the same time, he should have deep know how of how the product is operating internally.
4. The Right Application of Knowledge
A smart tester should be able to use the knowledge attained with the domain, mistakes, and successes in his testing. He should come up with quick solutions as well.
5. Skills Related to Project Management
Skills Related to Project Management
Having only testing skills might not help you much in the long run. You should have good knowledge of the business process and overall project details. Strong problem-solving skills and project management strategies will help you when the going is tough.
6. Documentation and Communication
Documentation and Communication
Some testing process requires hours and hours of tiring work and monitoring. To keep you in the loop and for better tracking, you have to have good documentation skills and not only that you need to communicate continuously with your team lead/manager so that the whole software testing process can happen seamlessly.
7. Social Networking Skills
Social Networking Skills
Why would a software testing professional require social media skills? you might think. But to know more about the latest happenings and take part in forums that can help you in solving the problem that you were stuck for days.
8. A Better Understanding of Coding
A Better Understanding of Coding
Understanding coding will definitely give an upper hand to testers when it comes to handling the process. Even if it’s most modern tools, the programming language is essential when it comes to executing the test.
9. Evidence Gathering
Evidence Gathering
Documenting bugs might not be enough when you look at the problem from a client perspective. You have to gain evidence and record it properly to present it before the client. Queries raised by the client should be 
10. Being Rational
Being Rational
Testing a software alone might not be enough when it comes to quality analysis of a product. A tester have to study the requirement sheer of the app thoroughly and has to keep in mind while analyzing the app. If there is anything that’s left behind by the developer, the tester has to ask a question regarding its absence and what’s the reason behind it.
These skills are always considered as excellent when it comes to selecting candidates for software testing jobs. However, it is indeed true that freshers won’t be having these skill in its finest form and they should be provided with time and atmosphere to develop such. in short, look out for the grasping power as well as receptive power of freshers rather than directly seeking these skills which is not logically possible.

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