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Tester VS Developer : When It Comes To Software Testing (Infographic)

September 19th, 2018
Tester VS Developer : When It Comes To Software Testing (Infographic)

Testers vs Developer, they are crucial for any software. However, nowadays there are a few vouching for a methodology where developers themselves become the tester.
Is it good? Will it save a lot of time and money?
Let’s keep it factual testing oriented development for certain procedures are indeed good.

Quality Analysis driven development would considerably increase the quality of their coding.
Especially when they are working in the DEV environment.
However, the unit test does not assure the quality of a software. There are other testing procedures that need to be done which requires skills.

  • Full code path testing
  • Component Testing (Unit testing might not work in certain situations)
  • Integration Testing (of components)
  • System testing

Apart from that, the hourly cost of a developer is bigger compared to that of a tester. Imagine his/her precious time invested in testing in which he/she might or might not be skilled in.
So why testers should be relied on?
Let’s go through an Infographic to get a detailed picture.
developer vs tester

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