Top 15 Most Popular Regression Testing Tools in 2019


Wednesday February 6, 2019

Regression testing involves re-running complete or partial set of existing test cases to ensure expected working of the software. Regression testing ensures that existing code works fine, even after the alterations. But do you find regression testing to be a daunting task? 

To ease up your job a lot many regression tools are available in the markets that ensure the smooth running of regression test cases. But out of hundreds of tools available, which one to choose is a big question mark. 

So to ease up your worries, we have curated the list of Top 15 Most Popular Regression Testing Tools in 2019. Here, let’s have a look.

1. Sahi Pro

It is a corporate-ready automated regression testing tool. Sahi Pro can assist you to test Web, Mobile, Java applications and Windows Desktop.

It also allows you to carry out quick and trust-worthy automated regression testing. Sahi works well with agile development environments. 

Key Features:

•    Record and playback on any browser

•    Smart accessor identification

•    Intrinsic logs and reports

•    Great scripting

•    Speedy and analogous batch playback

•    Easy integration with build systems

•    Inbuilt Excel frame

2. Selenium

Selenium is a set of various software testing tools. Each of these tools follows a varied approach to support test automation.

The complete suite of tools offers you impeccable regression testing functionalities curated to test all types of web applications. 

Key Features:

•    Selenium offers high flexibility

•    Compatibility with Several Web Browsers

•    Supports Numerous Programming Languages

•    Ease of Webpage Navigation

•    Ease to Categorize and Use Web Elements

•    Better Handling of Dynamic Web Elements

3. Watir

Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby. You can read it as water. It allows you to write tests that are easy to read and maintain. Watir is a family of Ruby libraries but it supports many apps developed in different technologies.

Key Features:

•    Supports on Ruby Language.

•    It assists in simple and flexible testing. 

•    Multiple domain support

•    Inbuilt test recorder.

•    Easy to use web elements

•    Supports browsers like Firefox and Safari.

4. TestComplete

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It can assist you in automated regression testing. It enables you to have quick and easy creation and maintenance of regression tests across web, mobile and desktop applications.

Key Features:

•    Test recording

•    Supports Database testing 

•    Automated test execution

•    Integrates with other tools

•    Test Visualizer

•    Object name mapping

•    Object-driven testing

•    Data-driven testing 

•    Keyword-driven testing

•    Development of custom extensions

5. IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester is an automated regression testing tool. It supports a variety of applications like terminal emulator-based applications, Adobe PDF documents, Java, SAP, etc.

Key Features:

•    Supports visual editing 

•    Test scripting

•    Earlier data detection

•    Assimilation with other software

•    Radical Script Assure technology

6. TimeShiftX

TimeShiftX is a time shift regression testing tool. It allows applications to travel in the past or future to help you perform temporary or date simulating testing. 

Key Features:

•    Requires no Environment Reboots & Reloads

•    Supports all platforms & operating systems

•    Customizability

•    Requires no Code Modifications

•    Compatible with Active Directory and Kerberos 

•    Compatibility with Total Application & Database 

7. TestDrive


TestDrive is an automated software quality solution (ASQ). It can help you with easier and faster regression testing. It allows lithe, dynamic, and easy deployable tests.

Key Features:

•    Code free 

•    Quick testing

•    Easy to handle changes in application

•    Modular scripts

•    Allows human input

•    Multiple technologies and interfaces Support

•    Supports multiple applications testing

•    Permits manual testing.

8. AdventNetQEngine

It is an easy to use regression testing tool. It can assist you in automation testing of for web applications. It is a platform independent automated regression testing tool.

Key Features:

•    Easy to use UI.

•    Session tracking

•    IE and FireFox support.

•    Event Recording 

•    Capable of Server monitoring 

•    distributed playback support

•    Dynamic value support through Parameterization 

•    Virtual user simulation

9. TestingWhiz

TestingWhiz is a code-less automated regression testing tool. It offers you, end to end testing of Database, Web, Mobile, desktop apps, API and Cloud. It is built on Flexible Automation Scripting Technology Automation Engine. It has 290+ inbuilt test commands that allow you to automate test cases in shortest time. 

Key Features:

– 290+ Commands

– Code-less Architecture

– Integration with Bug Tracking tools

– Multiple Browsers support

– Integration with Databases

– Continuous Server Integration

– Integration with Test Management tools

– Mobile Testing Support

– Distributed Test Execution

   10.  WebKing

Webking is an all-inclusive regression testing tool by Parasoft. It supports automation testing of web services. It can help you in testing and installing dynamic Web sites. It uses C/C++ and Java testing techniques to detect errors in a website.

Key Features:

•    Uses a path creator browser 

•    Integration with Parasoft reporting system

•    Supports many data sources like Excel, .csv, Webking’s internal tables, databases, etc.

•    Supports automated code review

11. Regression Tester

Regression Tester is an easy-peasy regression testing tool by Info-Pack.com. It allows you to conduct remote testing of web-based applications. 

Key Features:

•    Easy creation of tests list

•    Automatically runs tests

•    Fully-customized Report generation

•    Re-running of automated tests.

•    Time-Saving

12. Silktest

SilkTest was formally known as Borland Silk Test. It supports rigorous regression testing of mobile, web, rich-client, and enterprise applications. It supports test creation in collaboration of both business and technical stakeholder.

Key Features:

•    Enhanced testing speed

•    Uses cloud

•    Supports unlimited user configuration

•    Centralize test automation

•    Cost-effective

13. Serenity

Serenity BDD is a regression testing tool to assist you in faster testing. Serenity produces demonstrated and descriptive reports using the test results. It keeps an account tests executed and the requirements they were tested for.

Key Features:

•    Write cleaner tests

•    Creates illustrated, narrative reports 

•    Works well for non-web tests

•    No time wastage in constructing and keeping your own automation framework.

14. QA Wizard

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It helps you in automated regression testing of Web, Windows, Java applications, etc. It comes with resource management, full scripting, and debugging capabilities.

Key Features:

•    Complete IDE for scripting

•    Very Flexible

•    Works well with heavy loads

•    Test Track to manage test cases and to manage script execution. 

15. Ranorex 

Ranorex is pioneering test automation software. Ranorex makes regression testing easy and quick for you. It comprises of flexible tools making it ideal for companies of virtually any size.

Key Features:

•    User interface items repository

•    Supports various applications

•    Ranorex tests can be data driven

•    Ranorex has Recorder unit to create testing scripts

•    Supports test activity management


Out of the many Regression testing tools mentioned above, the choice of best fit for you depends entirely upon you. Study your requirements and then wisely choose the regression testing tool that fits your requirements perfectly. 



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