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50 Funny Programming Memes for Software Testers

June 18th, 2019
50 Funny Programming Memes for Software Testers

Programming Memes are indeed a relief from the busy and hectic schedule of programmers and software testers. Programming Memes are mostly bizarre, hilarious, and sometimes provoking too. But what they can do to your life is noble.
So why don’t you scroll down and have a look at the funniest programming memes that we found on the internet and laugh like anything.
1. Don’t stress! Others won’t get it!

2. S#$% happens!

 3. Hmmmmmmm

4. Been there done that

5. Hell Yeah!

6. Haaa!

7. No pun intended

8. Lel

9. Did I write this?

10. We are the same

 11. Time flies

12. Hail the anchorman!

13. That hurts

14. Destiny is pre-written

15. Do not take it off

16. Epic

17. Think about it

18. I’m god!

19. That’s clever

20. Awwwwwww

21. Die!

22. Enjoy

23. The Real MVP

24. What’s that?

25. Never, ever

26. We don’t do that

27. Chuck Norris it is!

 28. It’s a War every day

29. It’s over the kid

30. Darth Vader is right!

31. We have your back, but beware 😛

32. Wait a second

33. Just Python Things

34. Requirements

35. But the emote is different you know

36. A win is a win

37. Indeed!

38. Now I get it

39. Cliché but true

40. Am I a joke to you?

41. That’s deep yo

42. Kill me pleezzzz

43. Yeah we do time travel too

44. Huh?
45. How cool is that B-)   
46. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

47. 😛

48. It didn’t last long L

49. Lannister is wise

 50. xD

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