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On Demand Software Testing

June 9th, 2014
On Demand Software Testing

In a perfect world where you have all the time and money you need, your software can be tested from the beginning to end tackling each and every issue as it appears. But, ours is a fast paced world with strict deadlines and fast results as the norm. Hiring a testing expert would be the obvious choice. However, it will prove to be an unnecessary expense for you since the tester has to be paid even when there is no testing required. The best answer for your requirement is “On Demand Software Testing”.

What is “On Demand Software Testing”?
On Demand Software Testing is a testing service that is available for you anytime you need your software to be tested. This service can be availed according to your testing need and schedule. You can hire tester/s on hourly, daily, monthly and dedicated basis. This method excels as such a testing team will be a mix of expertise and experience.
What are its advantages?

  • Controlled Costs – No need to hire a tester full time. Pay only for the actual testing hours and not idle time of testers.
  • Flexible Schedule – No need to wait till the development is complete, testing can take place simultaneously
  • Managed Services – No need to spend time trying to initiate and manage testing. Testing services can be initiated quickly.
  • Reduced Time to Market – Trained and experienced testers available at flexible schedules to produce better results at a faster pace
  • Transparency – Testing Status shared with the team on regular intervals and online to maintain high level of transparency
  • Testing Expertise – Latest and best testing tools and test strategy with proven track record will be used. If you prefer to use a tool of your choice, we can analyze to use that too.

What software can be tested using “On Demand Software Testing”?
You can avail On Demand Software Testing for any type of software that is being developed or going through frequent changes. Whether you have a mobile app or a website or any other software, “On Demand Software Testing” is conducted by professionals with testing as their sole focus and thus delivers the best results.

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