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6 Tools To Test Mobile Friendliness of Your Website


Thursday April 19, 2018

A mobile-friendly website is every business’s secret to success. With an increasing number of users using mobile as a preferred choice to search the required information and Google ranking the websites on the basis of their mobile-friendliness, developing a mobile-friendly website has become extremely important.

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But how will you check that without any technical assistance?

Not to worry. There are online tools available for this which can give you a brief about the responsive issues of your website.

Let’s have a look at some of the renowned tools available to conduct this type of testing

1. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

This is the simplest and easy to use tool to test if your website is mobile-friendly. But, it is important to remember that this tool does not test the entire website at once. It works on page-to-page basis. Hence, getting a verification message for a page that it is user-friendly does not imply that the same holds true for the entire website.

Since, this tool tells you the way in which Googlebot sees your page provides the users with additional information that can be used for the website’s SEO purposes.

2. Page speed insights

A product by Google, this tool is not specifically only for testing mobile websites but is very useful to do the same. Testing a website on this tool is not only helpful in identifying whether a particular

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website is mobile-friendly or not. Instead, it provides one with a lot of other information such as its UI on mobile and desktop, speed score on mobile and desktop, the problem areas on the websites and ways to fix the same.

3. Keynote MITE

This one is an excellent desktop tool that enables one to analyze his/her website on a multitude of mobile devices like tablets, smart phones, etc. Available to use for free with registration, this tool comes with a number of other features to use and enjoy.

4. BrowserStack

It is a website testing tool that provides an accurate screenshot of how a website looks in different devices. Although, the tool is extremely useful, this can be at times slow in delivering the required output and functionality. Before opting for this tool, remember that it is a paid service.

5. W3C’s MobileOK Checker

Though available with an outdated UI, this tool can test a website’s markup code to identify any sort of web standard errors, graphics or image-related errors, issue with resource sizes and HTTP errors. The tool also identifies any issues related to pop-ups detection, the validity of SSL certificate, etc. Along with these, this tool also offers necessary recommendations for the changes that need to be done.

6. mobiReady

An extremely useful tool for those who rely on visual information, mobiReady shows its users how a particular page appears on various devices such as desktop, high-end, mid-level and low-level phone.

The tool provides a score between 1 and 5 to the website being tested as well as benchmarks a site against top 1000 sites on Alexa.


Like mentioned at the very beginning of this blog, it is true that you will get a brief about the responsive issues of your website. But to perform a detailed analysis and to rectify it you need the assistance of a web testing company like testbytes who has got years of experience in software and web based testing.



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