11 Reasons Why Transition from Manual Testing to Automation is Beneficial

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Tuesday July 17, 2018

Manual testing is tedious, time consuming and can be frustrating. Like any other industry, automation is nowadays having its foothold in testing industry as well.
automation testing
Apart from that automation is the demand of today and as a result many software testing companies are choosing automation over manual testing.
But there are some who are reluctant to embrace automation testing.
The reason for their fear is

  • Obviously the ROI (Return on Investment) is one of the biggest factors. They think that they might not be able to get back the investment which is absolutely not true
  • Companies might be not be aware of the value and cost-to-fix ratio of implementing automation
  • They think that Sudden implementation of automation might create chaos in the process
  • Many believe that developmental resources are better for writing code rather test automation script
  • Urge to release software as soon as possible with little care about the stability of it.

But all these are either assumptions or the unwillingness to accept technology.  So here we present you a pictorial representation of the advantages of transition from manual to test automation.
Have a look.

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