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How to Get a Job In QA Testing Company? Essential Traits and Techniques

September 9th, 2019
How to Get a Job In QA Testing Company? Essential Traits and Techniques

Why QA testing job can be a good career choice
If you are in a confusion in deciding after your graduation whether to choose Software Testing as a career, then the below points can strengthen your judgment to choose software testing as a career.
In case you are already employed in a Company as a Software Tester and worried about your career growth then these points confirm that you have chosen a right career path.

  • High demand for testing

Testing has become an essential process when it comes to validation of any software. Since software always have a market, testing will also do. So does testers

  • Designing experiments

A QA tester is that mad scientist who designs and performs elaborate experiments to bring out the real quality and real capabilities of the software.

  • Remuneration

Remuneration is one of the biggest highlights of this profession. Even though freshers have less, as experience increases payscale also increases.
Read this blog to know more about software tester remuneration of 2019

  • Code Writer

It is an old myth in an industry that anyone who cannot code can be a Software Tester. But this being an automation age, a QA tester adopts writing code to automate the scripts.

  • Growth and multiple routes towards progression

Speaking about career growth, a Tester will eventually become Test Lead, and then  Project Lead,  and then Automation Architect,  and then Test Manager etc., Ultimately everyone in this path reaches to the manager level.

  • The scope of Exploring the Latest Technologies

Being a tester and as the process entails, you will be required to work with all the latest techniques and technologies. So you get well versed with the popular and prevalent testing tools.

  • Creativity and Innovation

Since testing work is not explained to you, you will need to analyze the clues and think of places where the application is inconsistent with the end-user. So that generates creativity and innovation in you.

Summarily, if you like solving logical puzzles, if you love helping others in releasing a quality product in the market or if you love to take challenges in exploring and struggling to understand and find bugs and reporting to fix them, QA testing job is the right choice for you.
Skill sets required for a QA testing job
You need to pass the foundation course in QA testing. You should be well accustomed with the QA Testing methodologies, terminologies,  and various testing techniques so that you will be familiar with the different development models (or methodologies) such as waterfall, the V model, incremental, spiral and more frequently these days, the Agile processes.
Test Techniques
You need to have full knowledge of all the testing techniques.
Documentation and Testing process
You need to know how to obtain conditions from the required document, ways to devise test-cases from the test conditions and ways of writing test procedures.
Testing Tools
You need to have knowledge and experience on Automation Testing Tools, Performance Testing Tools, Test Management Tools, and Bug Tracking Tools.
Personality and Attitude towards testing
As a QA tester, your job is to check to see that the project is running according to the design and specification and you should report any variation from the documented scripts. Hence, a great deal of concentration, comprehensive investigation and proper recording of results are very important. A good tester must possess the ability to take advantage of any security risks and exhibit that the output is fit for release.
Other attributes required are:

  • A good memory to reproduce the unscripted steps
  • You need to be a good communicator and team player to discuss any defects found to other members of the team
  • You need to be Ethical

Tips on getting a QA testing job easily

  • Update your resume

Make sure you take the time to think back about all your relevant past year work experiences. Do not try to show off. Organize your resume accordingly.

  • Get feedback on your resume before submitting

Ask others to review your resume because often a second eye may notice formatting or grammatical error.

  • Develop your Minimum Viable Job

When trying to decide between two competing offers, look out for aspects like geographical location or industry.

  • Create a list of potential employers and companies

Make a list of all the companies you would like to work for and then decide whether you want to move on to a smaller company or join an organization that has an established QA and testing practices.

  • Grow your network, tap coworkers, QA groups and LinkedIn

Confirm with other QA professionals from their LinkedIn profiles to get an idea of how to present your skills and experience and be sure to have your LinkedIn profile at par with your updated resume.

  • Benchmark the company’s QA and testing practices

Identify the best employer by finding out the future goals and current QA practices and methodologies.

  • Do not be too quick to say “yes” to the hiring manager

Get a thorough understanding by paying attention to every step of the job search process prior to confirming your acceptance of the role to the hiring manager.

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