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5 Tips to Enhance the Efficiency of Software Testing

There is no doubt that one of the major software testing work phases deals with higher pressure. In such a case, accurate metrics can help in ensuring that the company can improve and progress the work with the indicators. It...

Monday March 18, 2019

How to do Performance Testing of Web application using Jmeter?

Performance testing is done to ensure whether the application is capable enough to bear the load. It can analyse the system’s performance under high load. Jmeter offers various benefits like it can be used to test the performance of both...

Monday March 18, 2019

AI and Bots: Are They The Future of Software Testing?

Software testing has taken an indispensable place with the increasing complexities of the software. With the rising complexities, new software technologies, ever rising data, software testing is now taking an entirely new dimension. In such a scenario Bots and AI...

Friday March 15, 2019

Top 13 Resources on the internet to Learn Selenium Automation

When QA engineers started with the selenium testing journey, they really had a tough time finding out good resources to help them in improving their skills. The resources then were mediocre once and a very few that could actually help....

Wednesday March 13, 2019

Presenting Regression Testing Tutorial!

Changing your code? Does that means a new round of testing and hours of work in creating test cases, executing test cases, managing test results, etc.??? The simple solution to this problem is Regression testing. What is Regression testing? REGRESSION...

Monday March 11, 2019

50 Quick Ideas to improve your Software Testing Process

Software testing process is an important yet many a times under-rated part of every software development process. It evaluates whether the end product meets the required specifications and standards. The overall software testing process is a continual improvement process.  It...

Thursday March 7, 2019

What is backend testing? Have a look!

I have thoroughly tested my software, and it is now ready to be delivered to the clients? Hey but wait for a second! Have you also carried out an intrinsic round of backend testing?  NO! Then, we think you should...

Friday February 22, 2019


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