Sumit Mundhada


Sumit is an expert in Automation Testing, Automation Framework Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Some of his other expertise include

Expertise :
> Selenium, Appium, API Testing, BDD.
> RPA, Cognitive Test Automation. AI in test automation.
> Java, Python, Ansible.
> Data science, AI, ML.
> Jenkins (CI-CD)
> Testshell, Cloudshell
> SOAP, REST - Web Services Testing.
> Grafana
> Junit, TestNG.
> SVN, GitHub
> Android, iOS, J2ME.
> Enterprise applications testing, SaaS.
> MDM( Mobile Device Management )
> BYOD, Cloud Testing.
> Network - CPE Automation Testing.
> White Box Testing.
> Test Automation Project Handling.
> Automation Test Strategy Development.
> Cost Estimates, Test Reporting.
> Resource Planning, Efforts estimation.
> Sprint planning, Agile Automation.
> Automation code review, Setting up best practices.
> Troubleshooting & fixing Automation framework issues.
> Mobile OS Internals
> LIMO-Linux Mobile.
> Agile development, DevOps, DevTOps.

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