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What sets us apart as the premier staffing choice?

  • A skilled and seasoned team of qa with an impressive track record in software testing.
  • You have the flexibility to engage an unlimited number of testers or assemble a dedicated team
  • On demand resources available
  • State-of-the-art testing resources at disposal
  • Multiple real devices to test your software
  • Fast recruitment process and project commencement

Our Clients

Client Testimonial

Testbytes were great to work with. They delivered test reports for a number of our online products, with great test cases that enabled quick fixes and re-tests.​
Jack Waller​
Testbytes helped our startup in our initial launch phase will all the platform testing and had done an amazing work.
Masnad Nehith
I am regular customer of testbytes. All my websites are tested by this team. They are very dependable. Definitely recommended
Vivekraj Rajendran
Quality team to work with! Excellent service...
Sameedha Naz

QA is inevitable?

Then you need a scalable staffing solution!

What makes us the best staffing option?

This is how we take care of your requirement

  • 1. Forming an Impeccable Talent Pool (7 days) – We collect resumes from different sources to create a talent pool based on your job description. Sources include – Job Portals, Social Media, Walk-Ins, Head Hunting, Recruitment Consultants, Our Database Profiles, Referrals and Network, and Online Campaigns.

  • 2. Initial Screening Process (7 days) – We conduct an initial screening process from our end. Our technology experts conduct interviews, specialization-based assessments, and check for references. If there aren’t enough profiles at the end of this process, we go back to step 1 and source more profiles.

  • 3. Selection Process (7 days) – The employee selection process can happen in 3 ways. It can be done through us by leveraging our expertise and experience, by you, or by using combined expertise. Based on your feedback, we could proceed with selected profiles or go back to repeat the process from step 1

  • 4. Hiring Procedure (7 days) – Once suitable candidates are selected, initial salary negotiation will take place. If the candidate doesn’t fit the allotted budget, we look for another available talent. Sending offer letter to candidates will also happen in this phase

  • 5. Employee Onboarding (1 day) – Before onboarding employees to your company, we give them proper orientation and for that, we take a day.

29 days in total to fulfill your QA needs!

Wish to know how we do it in detail? Download our staffing document

Skill training is important for any employees to keep up with the pace of technology and to keep up with the rising requirement of your company

This is how we do it!

Determination of task, procedures and subject that employees must learn..

Experts to train.

Allocation of time, resources and supplies to make sure that skill training is happening effectively.

Training for each employees will be different based on their area of expertise.

A strategic skill training plan will be developed that won’t be a hindrance to any of our on-going projects.

How do we take care of rebadging of employees?

Types of hiring we have


Testers or team of testers that can work in the client organisation for a particular time period. Inter-team collaboration is the forte of this type of hiring.


Candidates will be working in our organisation utilizing our resources.


Your team can work in our environment to make sure 100% effective collaboration is happening

This is how we do it!

Access to our attendance management system (WiFI attendance)

Access to our project / test management tool

Personalised assistance for employees

Background verification of employees

Resource calibration and inspection

Administrative responsibilities for staffing will be managed by us

Staffing manager to keep a check on employee efficiency


Yes of course. If there is a requirement for new resource or a replacement we will make it happen within 2 weeks.

Transfer of our resources internally by our clients is permissible and but should be strictly be based on skillset and design. However, relocation of our resources to another company is not allowed

All the required security measures will be taken for our resources; however, if our employee is using client resources we can do inspection based on the requirement

The employees we provide will be able to converse well in English. However, if any other language speaking employees are required it has to be stated in the initial requirement discussion itself

Absolutely! NDA (non-disclosure agreement) will be signed and practiced strictly

Rates can only be provided after hearing the requirement since time, skills, type have an impact on the cost

expected before the commencement of the project

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