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QA Lead/Test Lead

Roles and Responsibilities :


  • As the title suggests he/she should be lead all the testing related activities
  • Highly experienced and well versed with technologies related to software testing
  • Should have the capability¬† to devise testing strategies, test objectives, organisational policies and test plans
  • Be there for the team and be the beacon bearer
  • Estimation of resources required and negotiation with management in providing them. And of course, management is also important
  • When it comes to testing, QA lead has to monitor the analysis report, make sure that the test environment has been constructed properly, measure as well as control the testing process, evaluate progress etc.
  • Configuration management of technologies used In testing
  • Have to write summary reports text execution
  • Scope design within the context of release
  • Be a strong resort in designing test cases
  • Give proper status update to project manager regarding the progress of the process




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