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Sameer Kutty

  • Designation :

    Managing Director | CEO

Our beacon bearer, MR Sameer has been in the software development/testing industry for so long. He is exposed to wide range of scenarios in the industry and has managed to successfully tackle them to his favour. The strategies that he has developed in doing so, tenacity, perseverance and his broad perception is the main reason why he has led the company to success.


Hitesh Alwani

  • Designation :

    Business Strategist

An avid srk fan and a cool guy by default, Hitesh is the epitome of the testbytes spirit. He is a guy with no qualms to don multiple hats as the situation demands. An excellent communicator and leader, Hitesh has the capability to inspire and rally our testers for closing any testing project. Our past clients have always loved to work with him thanks to his result oriented approach and effervescent persona.


Vivekraj Rajendran

  • Designation :

    Digital Marketing Head

Our creative master mind! Leader of the marketing clan, Vivek has managed to change the name testbytes to a brand within a short span of time. Content marketing skills the guy possess is a result of 7 years of chiselling, continuous experimentation, learning and experience in dealing with global clients. Apart from that figuring out which people can do what sort of task and assigning them to it has served as one of the major reasons behind the success of the website.


Vrishali Deshmukh

  • Designation :

    HR Manager

An HR’s success lays in her ability to spot talent. Vrishali is good at what she do and she has managed to help the company to select gems. Apart from that her management skills, her ability to communicate with employees, creating a better work culture, making a better work atmosphere is outstanding. With 8+ years of experience in the same, Vrishali without any doubt is one of the most valuable assets of the company.



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