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Network Test Engineer

Are you a network test engineer? We have an offer for you. Before you join, read the job requirements blow and make sure that you can fulfil the criteria

  • Should possess a bachelor degree in computer science or in any stream of engineering
  • Knowledge in testing methodologies
  • Protocol level knowledge in, Ethernet, VLAN, PPPoE framing and protocols, IPv4, IPv6, Dynamic Routing Protocols, IPSec, GRE, and other tunnels, TCP, MSS, Window Sizes, Algorithms,DHCP, DHCP6, DNS, DNS6
  • High technical expertise in bash, Packet structures, Linux Operating System, overall OS architecture, ¬†packet capture and generation, Ixia/Spirent platforms used for traffic generation and measurements, File Systems, tcpdump Python/ TCL/Perl, Syslog,SNMP, ntop, GRES, NSR, ISSU, top etc.
  • Must have excellent communication skills
  • Should have worked in agile environment
  • Well-versed in Load balancing: balanced/unbalanced, Mac accounting, LACP, AE Link Protection 17




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