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Mobile App Tester

Roles and Responsibilities :


  • Develop test cases for various components based on requirements
  • Run performance related test cases
  • Perform localisation testing
  • Must be able to perform troubleshooting
  • Must be able to execute test plans that’s constructed solely to test application functionality and usability
  • Based on system requirement, tester has to validate the apps capability perform
  • Must have good knowledge in testing methodologies and types
  • Knowledge and experience in defect logging and retesting
  • Well-versed with defect tracking using software, and creating bug tracking report
  • Must be able to execute the test cases manually as well as in automation
  • Good knowledge in Mobile platforms and must be able to test the app in both platforms
  • Perform structured testing and facilitate error detection
  • Must be able to write test exit report
  • Must coordinate and communicate with developers for fixing bug
  • Have to perform network related testing




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