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Game Testing

Friday February 15, 2019

How to Become a PlayStation 4 Beta Tester

If you are interested in seeing what is in store for the PlayStation 4 in the further big firmware update, there is a way to get a sneak peek at these all-new features and improve

Game Testing

Wednesday February 6, 2019

5 Things You Need to Focus On To Get a Game Tester Job

Game testing hasbeen an essential part of the gamer’s world. It will make two things pop into the mind of a tester, a lazing around a job or dream job. As a matter of fact, the

Game Testing

Monday January 21, 2019

Salary of a Game Tester 2019

With the introduction of cool new games every day, the competition in the gaming market has become very high. For a game to break records in the market, it should be flawless, and

Game Testing

Thursday January 10, 2019

Testing a Game Like PUBG: What to Consider?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG is everywhere nowadays. Millions of users are playing the game even while you are reading this blog.  It’s a huge online game a

Game Testing

Thursday October 11, 2018

Blockchain Game Testing: What You Need To Know!

Earlier bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were being talked about by media and other sources. These have experienced a major growth in their business and these cryptocurrencies ar

Game Testing

Thursday September 6, 2018

Top 10 Game Testing Companies In India

The gaming industry has changed a lot in the past few years in India. With the advancement in technology, the game testing companies in india have seen an unexceptional boom in the

Career Blogs, Game Testing

Thursday July 26, 2018

15 Common Misconceptions About Game Testing Careers And Testers

When you were in school, you must have heard your parents saying that playing video games is a waste of time. Well what if you were told that playing games is actually a career? In

Game Testing

Friday July 20, 2018

Do not Miss These While Testing a Game!

Gaming, be it mobile games, PC games or console games, is a multi-million dollar industry. Interesting as it sounds; testing video games is one of the most fascinating jobs every p


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