10 Best Websites To Learn Software Testing in 2018

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Thursday December 14, 2017

Software testing is an interesting role that is handled by a team of software testers. Being in this profession makes an individual responsible as well as gives them the power to ensure that the final product delivered in the market is optimum in quality and performance.

Since software testing is, undoubtedly, a liable job, it is important for the individuals in this profession to make sure that they are well-versed with all the related technicalities as well as are well aware about the latest trends in the market.

To ensure this, one must ensure that he/she stays on his/her toes and gain as much as possible information and awareness about the industry. In order to make this task easier and understanding the high dependency on technology in today’s world, the majority of information is now available online on multiple websites.

 As the year 2017 nears its end, we share with you a list of top 10 websites that every software tester must visit and go through in 2018. Take a look.

  1. Software Testing Help

A popular website to gain a detailed understanding of the topics related to software testing and quality assurance, Software Testing Help is the one-stop solution for a large number of professionals.

The website offers relevant information to all those who are looking for updates related to software testing tutorials, types of testing and their methodologies, common testing tools, interview-related questions, latest testing trends, job openings, news and more.

  1. Software Test Pro

An online community for more than 50,000 professionals living different parts of the world, Software Test Professionals (STP) makes life easier for many in the profession. The website offers information on topics related to software testing, their insights as well as a chance to form network with other professionals in the industry.

One can also get access to several valuable resources such as articles,white papers news etc. that assist the testers to expand their knowledge and awareness about the latest trends in the industry.

  1. Ministry Of Testing

Propagating the message of ‘co-creating smart testers’, Ministry of Testing is a unique platform that shares an insight regarding important industrial updates, events and other related information as a whole.

Offering its visitors a wide and detailed information on industry-related jobs and news, the website is a great source of information on testing tools, test service providers and test management tools.

  1. uTtest

A professional network of a wide number of software testers, uTest is a unique platform that connects professionals and also helps them to enhance their skills and knowledge in software testing. The platform is a storehouse of a wide range articles, courses and other resources that help them enhance their career and be better professionals in software testing industry.

One can also find a chance to work on a number of testing projects as well as interact with fellow users about industry related information and trends.

  1. Testing Excellence

 If there is anyone who finds reading testing related articles and tutorials interesting, then this website is for them. Testing Excellence is a hub of knowledge in the form of relevant software testing tutorials and articles. On visiting this website, the user can also find relevant information related to software testing tools, conferences as well as news.

It is recommended to follow this website in 2018 as well as this can serve as the best source of information for software testing trends and updates as well as common interview questions.

  1. EuroSTAR Software Testing

EuroSTAR Software Testing is an online platform that offers the test professionals a common platform to connect and exchange ideas and knowledge. One can visit this website to get  updates on a variety of events that may offer them a chance to connect with other professionals from the software industry. You can also gain knowledge and awareness from industry experts participating in forum conversations, software testing events, local Meetups, etc.

  1. Tech Target

TechTarget is an online community as well as a unique platform to connect with professionals from the industry who are involved in creating good quality software, perform software testing, quality assurance, quality software, software testing and QA, application performance management etc.

Referring this website will also make one capable enough to ensure that the application developed is optimum in quality. This can be done using development methodologies such as DevOps and Agile development. An access to unlimited white papers and Webcasts is an added advantage.

  1. Guru99

This one is presently the software testers’ personal favorite and is expected to remain so in the coming year. One of the most trusted sources of software testing tutorials and knowledge, Guru99 is an ultimate source of information on topics related to testing such as test management, mobile testing, security testing, performance testing and many others.

  1. Dzone

Dzone is one of the most trusted source of information to gather technical content related to software testing and QA. Offering its members a chance to connect with other professionals, one also gets a chance to access latest insights into the industry and other related topics such as test automation, DeVops, test management, etc.

The platform is also unique in the way that it offers a chance to be a blogger and share information in the form of announcements and articles as well as connect with experts from all across the globe.

  1. Tea Time With Testers

Tea-time with Testers is a software testing magazine that shares regular insights and updates related to the industry. Being one of the largest circulated testing magazines, it offers readers a chance to gain an enhanced understanding about the industry as a whole. Accessing this website on a monthly basis is a great way to stay updated about the latest trends of the market and industry.


There is no dearth of websites offering information and knowledge about the software testing industry. It is, therefore, important to ensure that one accesses the apt platforms at the right time to get the right information.

Enhance your knowledge through these websites and platforms to ensure that you have the right information and are capable enough to ensure that the final product delivered is optimum in quality.



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