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Recent Trends On Penetration Testing Services in 2017

Testing Trends

Tuesday July 11, 2017

Penetration testing has already become the new business strategy that companies across the globe are trying to follow. Every organization use some sort of IT security and risk management solutions to protect their systems. Penetration testing services help to detect vulnerability of a product and improve data security of the entire system.

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The methods for penetration testing services keep changing every year and following are some latest trends:

1) Perform Penetration Testing Periodically
Hackers or attackers are always finding new ways to hack a system data. A small flaw in the system turns to be a big threat to the security of the data. Organizations should perform penetration tests periodically to install the software updates. This helps to detect any vulnerability, which may be prone to attack.

2) Provide Analysis and Audits after Every Change Made
After every change, the product needs to be checked. It is important to carry out checks on a regular basis to inform flaws and security issues of product to the users. Regular audits help to save internet data from hacker’s attack.

3) Application Source Security Assessment
It helps to reduce cost, risk and complexity of product by recognizing application security gaps prior to the development cycle. It enhances security positions and improve performance of the product. It provides static testing and analysis to identify security weaknesses during the software development life cycle. This assessment also supports every change in Application Program Interfaces (API).

4) Web Application Firewall Deployment
A firewall is a protection layer that protects web applications from attackers and block malicious traffic to the application. A firewall is also used in the web application vulnerability program to reduce correction time without changing source code. Financial services like banking, insurance are more prone to cyber-attack, hence firewall deployment is critical and essential part of penetration testing services.



With the amount of security breaches occurring across different enterprises, running a safe business becomes a risky task. This is why, people still have a considerable amount of ambiguity in using techniques to administrate penetration testing. Choose services on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis as it is always good to run security checks on regular intervals to keep resources protected.





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