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Trends In Testing Website And Application For 2018

Testing Trends

Saturday March 10, 2018

Testing websites and mobile applications helps you to understand the performance, user experience and make decisions regarding app development. The tools and methods of testing differ with time and it is important to keep yourselves updated about the latest trends.

Here, we give you a list of trends for websites and applications for 2018:

API Economy

Even though there are more applications created to help in communication, business, and work, API is going to be the favorite of developers and app providers this year.

API economy refers to Application Programming Interface that brings profit for an organization financially. So, this year, API economy is going to be a new business engine.

API tools are connected to different aspects of an organization like transactions, production, shipping etc. Organizations are making a huge return of revenue using APIs in business. Businesses combine the functions to APIs, managing the economy. To ensure the proper functioning of APIs in applications, providers have to know more about testing solutions.

Application Development

To stay in competitions and to improve the application development, organizations shift to automation testing. But, some organizations don’t seem to like the idea. They prefer to continue the traditional three layer testing. As a result, the other competitors take away the market profit.

Many brilliant applications have been developed by integrating automated testing. Automation may need more level upgrading and new stages in testing to increase the speed of app development. Testing tools can provide a detailed view in the development of application.

DdoS Attacks In Social Media

The ‘Distributed denial-of-Service’ has increased over recent years. The DdoS is a cyber-attack where the perpetrator uses more than one IP address, sometimes a thousand. It looks like the attackers have left the traditional way of attacking ; now, vulnerabilities are being delivered via people and bots.

The chances social media open to the enterprises are vast to build brand value and customers. Traffic visibility tools will be a rescue plan for these kinds of attacks, preventing downtime and factors disrupting sales.

Analyze Both Sides Of Business

Compare sales data with performance data. This will help to maintain a strong relationship between the two. Performance always leads to higher profit. Like how a coin has two sides, sometimes, when performance chart hits high, loss may happen too.


Performance and sales seem to align more in 2018. Organizations will introduce key performance indicator to increase the profit. An advanced platform for load testing provides facilities to test web applications under real life and unsuspecting audience.

Progressive Web Apps testing

Internet speed is still big issue for the major share of the internet world. However to an extent it was managed by the introduction of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). The most astounding feature of Progressive Web App (PWA) is that it has the ability to work the effortlessly in both the scenarios. It also shares same features of native apps such as, Push notifications, full screen, offline working and splash screen. So PWA will soon be the answer for speed related issue and new methodologies, practices and tools will emerge in testing them.

B2B Shopping Experience

E-commerce has already taken up the headlines in a short period of time. But, B2B business will take advantage on B2C industry this year to improve the model and consumer experience. Other than having a low pace, B2B shows a higher value for every sale. So, it is important to ensure that online assets are available and fix up the purchase of e-commerce models.

B2B e-commerce is becoming a giant revenue generator in the U.S. Forrester Research reports that in the U.S., B2B e-commerce has reached $800 billion, and predictions are that it is likely to hit $1.13 trillion by 2020.



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