Top 7 Penetration Testing Tools for Small Business

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Friday February 16, 2018

Cyber-crime has, unfortunately, become a more common threat to the business houses than ever expected. More and more number of cyber-criminals has started attacking at a much faster pace than the good guys who are responsible to nullify their attacks. The attacks at the current stage are so massive that there’s nothing on the internet that seems to be safe. This, in turn, has increased the need of developing the systems that can protect businesses against all sorts of cyber-crimes.

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One of the simplest tactics that can be adopted by the business houses to protect their infrastructure against cyber-crimes is by conducting penetration testing.

This authorized attack has always served to check the credibility of any website.

Let’s dig deep to know more about the tools that are used extensively for the process.

1. Metaspoilt

One of the most advanced and popular frameworks available in the market, Metaspoilt are one of the commonly used software for penetration testing, intrusion detection and delivering information about security vulnerabilities.


  • Developed as a collaborative effort of the open source community and Rapid 7
  • Metaspoilt is a security project that is based on a similar concept as ‘exploit’, implying a code which can enter another system after going beyond the essential security measures
  • Once entered, it executes a ‘payload’ hence, creating a flawless framework for penetration testing
  • The product is apt to be used across various platforms and formats such as web applications, servers and networks
  • Also function on Linux, Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows

2. Wireshark

Claiming to be the world’s topmost network protocol analyzer, Wireshark is one of the most popular penetration testing framework that has been in the market since 1998.


  • The tool allows its user to view the status and activities on a network at a minutest level and hence, makes all the details related to network protocols, packet information and decryption available
  • The tool can be used on numerous systems such as Windows, OS X, NetBSD, Linux, Solaris, etc. one can view the application using a GUI or the TTY-mode TShark utility.

3. Nmap

A well-known open source platform that exists in the market since the late 90s, Nmap, or “Network Mapper” is a preferred tool of many security professionals for network discovery, identifying the systems that are running behind the firewall and their vulnerability.


  • The tool helps in identifying the services that are running without anyone’s knowledge and are leading to avoid wastage of a lot of time
  • Should be executed outside the firewall so as to compare its current functioning with what it is expected to be
  • The tool can function effectively on a majority of environments

4. Nessus

Started in 1998, Nessus is known as one of the most widely used vulnerability scanner at a global level. Designed to scan different types of vulnerabilities of a computer system that makes it easy to be exploited by the cybercriminals, the toll was initially available for free but is now available at a cost of 2190 per year since 2005.


  • With more than 60,000 plugins, this tool is constantly updated so that it meets the required market standards
  • Compatible with a majority of platforms and environments
  • Its features includeuse of framework including local and authenticated security checks, a web-based client/server architecture, and an embedded scripting language.

5. W3af

Described as a “Web Application Attack and Audit Framework”, this platform for penetration testing has its code written in Python that makes it a much easier tool to use and extend.


  • The tool is available with a command-line user interface or console user interface
  • Is compatible to work with major platforms such as Apple Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows
  • Available to use at zero cost, the key features of this platform include quick HTTP requests, ability to amalgamate web and proxy servers into the code, inserting payloads into various kinds of HTTP requests, etc.

6. Acunetix

Functioning primarily as a web vulnerability scanner targeting web applications, Acunetix is a unique platform that makes use of an art crawler technology.

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  • The tool allows the analysis of the web applications and provides one with several reports such as SQL injection, cross site scripting testing and PCI compliance reports
  • Using this tool makes it possible to identify all sorts of vulnerabilities and risks associated with the online business
  • Counted as one of the most expensive tool, one can get to use its trial version for 14-days at zero cost.

7. Monitis

Well-known in the market as the tool that offers a 24/7 real-time and cloud-based website performance monitoring, Monitis is also one of the most recommended tool for vulnerability scan service.


  • The tool provides access to the complete vulnerability report to the user along with some other essential details such as Host information
  • All one needs to do is pay a small amount and keep their website safe from all cyber-criminals


Penetration testing is crucial for small business houses and firms as they generally are unable to make necessary high security arrangements due to financial restrictions, which, in turn, puts them at a greater risk of falling prey to cyber-crimes. Therefore, it is best to be aware about these penetration testing tools and make their best possible use to keep businesses safe and secure.



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