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What is Open Source A/B Testing Software and How is it Useful for an Organization

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Wednesday October 11, 2017

Websites and apps with high conversion rates have something unique in them. This uniqueness is nothing but the optimal distribution of attributes that pull the visitors and convert them to customers. To achieve this balance, the company or the developers have to hypothesize different scenario and design the attributes accordingly.


But how do you compare between two versions of the same website? How do you know that the painstaking efforts in changing the attributes, here and there, have really led to higher conversion rate? You can do this using open source A/B testing software.

 What is Open Source A/B testing Software?

The essence of A/B testing is like testing a copy of a page or app with the B copy of it. It is also known as split testing/bucket testing, since you split the page or app into two with different attributes and then experiment with them for their relative efficacy in achieving higher conversion rate.

Benefits of using Open Source A/B Testing Software in Organizations:

1) Trial and error

With open source A/B testing software you have the ability to test the performance of your website or application with two different attributes. Let us say you made a landing page of a website and now want to see if changing some attribute like colour, font or anything else will make some difference in terms of user satisfaction and conversion rate. To see that you need to change the attribute that you think may make a difference and use the A/B testing open source software to experiment with the traffic and conversion rate in each version of the page. Such trial and error to arrive at the best product is possible with the help of A/B testing open source software.

2) Data integrity

If you are using third party analytical services like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics your data integrity may be lost. You need to handover your business critical sensitive data to these third party analytic firms. With A/B testing open source software you need not lose hold of your data. So data integrity is maintained.

3) Customised User Interface

For conducting different tests, you need a user interface that is customised for attributes specific to your business goals and needs. With A/B testing open source software, you are able to not only experiment with pages and apps, but also have the results of the split test reflected in a user friendly interface.

4) Real Time Result

Experiments with any A/B testing open source software can get real time results, and this helps the organisation in minimizing the time required in experimentation.

5) Selecting the most suitable Open Source A/B Testing Software

A very important aspect of selecting an A/B testing software is to see that it integrates with a variety of renowned content providers. This will ensure good content for your site and if your goal is better conversion rate then, the software must also have a feature of tracking revenues, sign ups, conversion rates etc. Another important aspect to note is the unlimited undo which will help in fixing mistakes.

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Any self-hosted open source A/B testing framework is built to help improve conversion rates on your site. It is one of the easiest ways to find out how a variable behaves when your program starts working. It is generally faster and simpler compared to other types of testing and quickly helps developers and programmers to improve the changes without wasting time.



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