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Monday January 13, 2020

We have entered 2020 – a new year; a new decade. We all make New Year resolutions to make our lives better and to upgrade ourselves. In short, a new year knocks our doors with a new us.

But what should be a software testers new year resolution? How can they make themselves more hireable and a more desirable tester or the companies? How can they help their companies succeed owing to future trends in testing?

If you are juggling with such questions, then below is a must-read for you.

  1. Be ready with an action plan

Note down your New Year’s resolution as your goals and be ready with an action plan for them. Just making resolutions is not enough.

If we believe in a study done by Harward University, people with goals in their minds achieve twice as much success as achieved by people without goals and even better the people who write down their goals achieve ten times more success rate.

Write down your goals and ensure yourself a better success rate. Ensure you make SMART resolutions and be prepared with an action plan.

A few SMART goals could be reading software testing books regularly, keeping yourself updated with the latest software testing trends.

Make your plans and divide them into smaller targets that you have to accomplish in a week or a month. This will help you achieve your goals at the end of the year.

So be very particular in deciding your resolutions and making an action plan for it.

  1. Embrace Agile and DevOps

Companies are increasingly adopting Agile to meet the ever-changing requirements of their clients and DevOps to speed up the process.

The future holds a progressive position for both Agile and DevOps. As a 2020 resolution ensure your excellence in both of them to ensure yourself a better job and open-handedly accepting them in your current workplace.

Some of the principles Agile testers follow are communication, feedback, enjoyment, courage, simplicity, and delivering value.

Acquiring and beholding these principles will help land yourself in a better software testing career.

  1. Automate Better

Automation is a must-follow trend for 2020, and as a 2020 resolution, you cannot miss this very important aspect of testing.

It is going to be a key player in software testing in the year 2020. With more complex software, the development process has also become complex, leading to more complex testing.

With increasing and changing demand for software testing, it is a must for you as a software tester to make it your 2020 resolution to master software testing automation skills.

Try to learn more and more automation tools. Also, know when is automation testing required and beneficial and where it is not.

Instilling automation testing skills can be prospering for your career and your future as a software tester.

  1. Get Rid of software testing myths and learn and follow the realities. 

There are several myths associated with software testing. The worst part is that even many software testers also believe in these myths.

These myths are far away from the realities. These myths can create hurdles in proper software testing by the testers.

Some of the myths generally believed are

Software testing is the last phase of the software development lifecycle and is done at the end when the product is completely developed.

Software testing is very easy and does not require high experience and skills.

Software testing is only about finding defects.

These and many other myths are readily accepted by many testers. But these are not the reality.

Believing such myths can highly decrease your capabilities as a tester and can create a barricade in your path of success as a software tester.

In 2020 resolute not to believe in these myths and find out the facts behind them and follow these realities

  1. Increase Skill Sharing Within Departments

Testing is an important phase of STLC and is equally important like all the other phases of software development.

Don’t aloof yourself from the complete software development process and consider yourself as a part of STLC and work closely and collaborate with other team members like developers and business analysts.

Spending time with them and learning their skills may help you polish and expertise your testing skills.

As a 2020 resolution ensure you spend time with other team members of your project and promote skill sharing.

  1. Become a Mobile Ninja

Mobile apps are surpassing the use of desktop apps. More and more people are now depending on mobile apps and hence the businesses are now focusing more on mobile applications.

To prosper your career as a tester in 2020, make sure you learn mobile app testing skills. Mobile app testing requires more skills, to test them across various devices, networks, OS, etc.

So make it your 2020 resolution to learn mobile app testing and its allied best practices.

  1. Learn high in demand testing skills

2020 will raise the demands for some new and desired testing skills. To be proficient and make your C.V.

impressive ensure to learn these skills. The software testing market is very volatile, with demand for new skills rising every now and then.

The year 2020 will come with its now new software testing demand. So, ensure that in this New Year you keep a track of desired testing skills and to learn them.

These skills also vary based on geographic locations. Skills that are high in demand in India might not be in demand in Europe, so ensure that you learn skills that are in demand in your location.

  1. Engage With the Testing Community 

Being a good tester does not only mean being proficient in testing skills and updating yourself with new skills.

But it demands you to be well associated with the testing community.

Being involved in the testing community has many benefits like getting equipped with testing world news, knowing about new and in-demand testing skills and making new connections.

There are a few ways you can be connected with the testing community are:

  • Having your own testing blog.
  • Reading popular testing blogs like StickyMinds, TechBeacon, Ministry of Testing, James Bach’s Software Testing Blog, and of course, the Abstracta US blog.
  • Engaging in testing forums like Software Quality Assurance & Testing Stack Exchange and Software Testing Club.
  • Attending software testing meetups and conferences.
  • Being active in testing social media groups and communities.
  1. Make a Difference

Your job does not end with being efficient in your field, but it also demands you to take that extra step to make a difference to the testing community.

Apart from being updated, also ensure to be innovative to discover better and more efficient ways of testing.

You can also contribute to the testing community by writing down and sharing your testing experiences and skills through blogs and social media.

10. Artificial Intelligence for Testing

Application of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is not new in software testing. But it is still in its initial stages.

Also, it is expected to advance in 2020. As your New Year resolution, ensure to get hold of AI/ML for testing.

This year is predicted to offer many new opportunities in AI/ML in testing. Your proficiency in them is going to make your career bloom in the coming year as a software tester.

It ensures better test cases, test scripts, test data, and reports for software testing. Predictive models help in decision making about where what, and when to test.

Smart analytics and visualization help in the detection of faults, understanding test coverage, areas of high risk, etc.

AI/ML is a must acquire skill for 2020. So, ensure it to be in your New Year resolution.

Happy Newyear

These are some New Year resolutions you can incorporate in your list as a software tester.

I hope the year comes as a blessing to you and take your software career to an all-new different level.

Just ensure to smartly pick on your New Year resolutions and abide by them. Have a Happy New Year!



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