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How to Improve Your Manual Testing Skills ?

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Monday January 2, 2017

Testing is not a job, it is actually a process. Let’s say you are into manual testing in a project. You have worked for about two years in the project and you are bored since you don’t find any more bugs. This doesn’t mean that your work is complete, but is surely meant that you need to have a different approach and it’s time to rejuvenate you manual testing skills by being a good learner all over again.

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Testing is indeed challenging since you have to continuously keep yourself updated about the project changes and requirements. Moreover, your timely inputs are vital to make the product better. Here are some quick tips to improve your manual testing skills.

1. Have minimal distractions while testing

Testing includes a lot of analytical thinking and reasoning. This can be possible only if you have a good environment with minimum disturbing elements. Try using headphones whenever you find yourself getting distracted too soon. This will help you to concentrate on the testing process to come up with amazing test cases.

2. Inculcate a habit of thinking about everything you see around

Not only while testing, but make a habit of thinking and analyzing day to day events as well. Also, get into the habit of observing things which will help your mind prepare test ideas which might be helpful for your project at times.

When you are observing simple things around yourself, you will soon be able to co-relate things and draw conclusion very quickly.

3. Keep diversified knowledge as well as interests

These days, it is expected that the quality person will come with knowledge about many things other than his domain. This, automatically, increase the worth of the person. When it comes to development of a product, try to keep yourself well updated about life cycle, documentation of the product, programming and analysis as well as testing processes.

Of course, you cannot be the master of everything, but have good knowledge and idea about all the important domains other than just yours will surely increase your market value manifold.

4. Sharpen your mind by playing mind and strategy games

If you are really keen on polishing your manual testing skills, then try to play games which test your strategy planning and analytical thinking. Games like pattern finding, finding missing letters and problem solving games will help a lot in keeping your mind alert all the time.

Once your mind is sharp enough, you will be able to find bugs and errors within no time, helping you to progress well in the field of manual testing.

5. Practice pattern recognition

This trick is basically to enhance your alertness in finding the bug. For instance, when you have to compare to pieces of similar code and come up with small bugs which might go unnoticed, you will able to draw conclusions in no time.


For a small piece, it won’t make much difference, but when it comes to a lot of information and lengthy code, it is very helpful.

6. Purely physical as well as mental breaks are essential

You don’t have to always take a long physical break and come back. It can also mean just leaning back on a chair, or stretching for about a minute or two or closing your eyes and relaxing your mind.

Breaks are essential so that you come back with a fresh mind to go on with the testing process quickly. It also brings about a change in thinking process and refreshes it. This, in turn, helps you to think in a better manner and come up with test scenarios and bugs which would take time otherwise.

Dig deep and deep into the product or application given to you for testing. Try to fit yourself in all the categories other than just testing, which will expand your horizon so that you can test efficiently. Other than this, the best option is to be an exploratory tester who can think all the possibilities and help in making the product strong.



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