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RIP Fake Videos! Google Engineer Develops AI Tool To Flag Them

how to identify fake videos

Truth has become a rarity nowadays. People are being blinded by false content and are manipulated accordingly by people or organization with a vested interest.

Among the fake contents that are out there, videos are indeed the most powerful one when it comes to manipulation.

But all that will be long gone soon. Supasorn Suwajanakorn, an engineer who is working with Google has developed an app which would run automatically on any browser and can flag fake pictures as well as videos.

Using the same technology he has also created AI program which has the ability to create realistic fake videos if the input is fed right.

Can’t believe?

Watch this

His comments were quoted by famous media portals like this when the video went viral.

“I let a computer watch 14 hours of pure Obama video, and synthesized him talking,”

He added that such technology could also be used in creating videos of our dear ones who have gone to a better place.

However, none can deny the fact that such tool can be used to create chaos. Since videos are the most influential medium at the moment, the effect of a fake video can be devastating in many corners of the world.

Supasorn Suwajanakorn the creator itself has expressed this by saying that,

“These results seemed intriguing, but at the same time troubling; it concerns me, the potential for misuse,” he said. “We don’t want it to be in the wrong hands, so we have to be very careful about it.”

The working principle of the tool is a prime example of neural learning. The system studies subject’s facial movement and can reproduce it in another version of it with impeccable perfection.

The software at the moment is in developing stage and it will take years for it to reach perfection.


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